The Class of 2021 Will Shape the Future

The Class of 2021 Will Shape the Future

Over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and the world is becoming “precedented” again.

But the class of 2021 is “unprecedented.”

New grads often experience a “trial by fire,” but your strength, your resolve, and capacity to care has already been tested. You learned to advocate for yourself and others, that self-care is not selfish, and that it is okay to rest or ask for help.

With challenges come innovation. And right now, the nursing profession is changing. You will shape its future.


Read the virtual card with messages to the class of 2021, along with their photos.


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Webster’s dictionary defines strong as “having great physical power, moral or intellectual power, or great resources.” Graduates, you have all of these. You are strong.

Keynote speaker, Patricia Davidson, Former Dean JHSON and Vice Chancellor, University of Wollongong

We persevered through social unrest, Coronavirus, and more to achieve our goals. Make yourselves proud first. Let external validation be extra.

Janie Pearson, Student speaker
MSN (Entry Into Nursing) Graduate and Baltimore Talent Scholar

Unprecedented Grads

Graduate Tanzania Guest is the first MSN (Entry Into Nursing) student ever to join the Johns Hopkins ROTC program.

Take-Charge Nurse

Neysa Ernst

Graduate Neysa Ernst is also nurse manager of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Biocontainment Unit. She has been cited as an expert by media 612 time since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Faculty Colleen King and Amanda Rohde are also 2021 graduates! They earned their DNP degrees.


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