You Submitted Your MSN (Entry Into Nursing) Application. Now What?

You Submitted Your MSN (Entry Into Nursing) Application. Now What?

Written by Laura Panozzo

You’ve written eloquent essays, entered every last college course you have ever taken, tweaked your resume (probably more than once), patiently waited for your recommenders to submit their letters, and you have finally clicked submit on your application. Now what? 

First, give yourself a pat on the back! While the application is one of the first steps in the admissions process, it certainly isn’t the easiest. It requires time, a bit of patience, and a whole lot of organization to make sure that you have submitted all the pieces required for each individual school.  

Now comes the extremely hard part: waiting.  It’s time to leave the rest up to us.  


Couple of things to keep in mind during this waiting period: 

  1. Decisions will come out during the period of time that is associated with the deadline for which you applied.
  2. Decisions come out in batches! In an effort to make sure everything is correct, and hopefully avoid this very important email getting stuck in your junk folder, we send out decisions in small groups over several days. So if you hear decisions are coming out and you haven’t received one – don’t fear, yours may just be a couple days away! 
  3. Relax a little! Now is the time to catch up on the things you missed while you were typing away and finishing those applications. Like that show you swore you would watch one day… 

As we look towards the end of this crazy year that has been 2020, take a moment for reflection and gratitude for all the good things you have and for all the good things that are still to come your way. Nursing school will be very busy, so if you can, take some time this holiday season to safely enjoy your friends and family! From everyone in the Admissions Office we wish you the happiest of holidays and look forward to reading your applications!  

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Laura Panozzo is the Assistant Director for MSN (Entry into Nursing) Recruitment at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. She can help you take the leap into nursing, contact her at 443-287-7430 or [email protected].

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