17 Best Blogs of 2019

Sydnee Logan
By Sydnee Logan  | 
17 Best Blogs of 2019


From heartfelt personal narratives to eye-opening research to a couple of times you teamed up with someone awesome—

The stories inside us all in the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing community are the reason On The Pulse was once again named a top blog for nursing. Not to mention our series Dialogues in Health Equity’s win at the Digital Health Awards.

Thank you for writing. Take a look at the editor’s choice of the top blogs for 2019. And don’t forget the 14 Best Blogs of 2018!


#17: Translating the Evidence

By: Steve St. Angelo

PhD student and audiologist Jonathan Suen works to break the silence on ‘hearing health’ and loneliness.

#16: What If There’s No Such Thing as “Passing” for Your Gender?

By: Bianca Palmisano (they/them)

What if the concept of your gender is so foreign to 99% of the population that you feel you’ll never really be seen by the people around you?

#15: Fort Peck Indian Reservation: The Healthy People Factory

By Ellie Decker and Teresa Brockie

Tribal Chairman Larry Wetsit collaborates with Dr. Teresa Brockie on Little Holy One, her intervention to create a “healthy people factory.”


Yvonne Commodore-Mensah#14: Heart Disease’s Global Fingerprints

By: Steve St. Angelo

The answer is out there, somewhere—perhaps in Ghana, where researcher Yvonne Commodore-Mensah seeks a different, translatable care model.

Nurses and nukes

#13: Nurses and Nukes

By: Steve St. Angelo

Nurses will of course be calle

d on to treat the victims of any nuclear emergency, accidental or not. For all of the evidence of why nurses must be ready, are they? Research spotlight on Dr. Tener Veenema.

#12: The School of Nursing Hosts Race in America

By: Sydnee Logan

The School of Nursing hosted Race in America, with special guest, National Urban League CEO Marc Morial.


#11: Nurses Don’t Play Cards

A message from Dean Davidson



#10: What Nurses Need to Know: How to Take a Sex Positive Health History with LGBTQ+ Patients

By: Christopher Stuckey

Culture—including LGBTQ+ culture—is a social determinant of health. A provider who is culturally insensitive causes shame and contributes to avoidable poor health outcomes.

#9: Can inpatient nurses use auricular point acupressure to help oncology patients manage pain?

By: Sydnee Logan

Learn how Chao Hsing Yeh, PhD, MSN, RN, FAAN is implementing auricular point acupressure as a pain management intervention at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center (Johns Hopkins Hospital).

 #8: From Practitioner to Politics, with Rep. (and alumna!) Lauren Underwood

Lauren Underwood: congresswoman, alum, and the youngest black woman ever elected to congress. Watch her fireside chat with Dean Davidson.

#7: Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness… and Dr. Brittany Wenniserí:iostha Jock

How Has the US Disrupted Native American Food Sources? With Jonathan Van Ness and Brittany Wenniserí:iostha Jock.


#6: Where did your nursing career begin?

By: Sydnee Logan

Here are some of our Johns Hopkins School of Nursing faculty (and DEAN DAVIDSON!) who started careers in nursing before earning a bachelor’s, and their words of encouragement.

#5: I Was Supposed to Die at 57

By: Sydnee Logan

Dr. Miki Goodwin, Associate Dean of Clinical Practice had textbook pain “In the chest, down the arm, up the jaw” but when she saw a specialist and asked for an angiogram, he brushed off her request and opted for a stress test and an EKG, all normal.

#4: The Caregiver’s Mental Health is Important Too

By: Dr. Martha Abshire

Nursing at work, nursing at home. Caring at work, caring at home. Nursing has long considered the patient’s mental health, but who was thinking about my mental health?

#3: In One Week I Was Pregnant, I Miscarried, and I Was Diagnosed with a Life-Threatening Complication I Didn’t Understand

By: Dr. Kelly Gleason

I thought I was having twins two days ago, now I’m crying hysterically over my miscarriage, and suddenly an on-call OBGYN that I’ve never met before calls and tells me my “symptoms scream ectopic.” I’m a nurse but maternal health isn’t my specialty. What does that mean?!

What’s it Feel Like to Be Pregnant After a Miscarriage?

#2: We Need to Talk about Wound Care in Transgender Women Healing From a Vaginoplasty

By: Matt Hopper

Up to 30 percent of transgender women who have undergone a vaginoplasty suffered from some form of infection related to the procedure, yet current research does not offer recommendations for wound-care improvement.

#1: Nursing’s Next Big Idea

The misperceptions are out there. Watch our groundbreaking video.






Sydnee Logan is the Social Media and Digital Content Coordinator for Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. She shares what’s going on here with the world.


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