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Chao Hsing Yeh, PhD, MSN, RN

Chao Hsing Yeh
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Specialties and Expertise

  • Aging
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Care
  • Dementia
  • Family
  • Gerontological / Geriatric
  • Gerontology
  • Health Technology
  • Mental Health
  • Pain/Symptom Management
  • Palliative Care
  • Sleep


Chao Hsing Yeh is a master of auricular medicine. Dr. Yeh’s research program focuses on advancing the science of non-pharmacological pain treatments, with a special focus on the mechanisms, efficacy, and implementation of auricular point acupressure (APA) to manage pain and cancer-related symptoms The populations include adults and older adults with chronic pain, cancer patients with chemotherapy-induced neuropathy and symptoms, and patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders and their caregivers. Yeh has provided APA training workshops for oncology nurses at the front lines of patient care at Johns Hopkins Hospital to master the skill of APA and subsequently integrate this strategy into their clinical practice. Dr. Yeh developed a smartphone app featuring instructional and demonstration videos as a self-guided tool to teach individuals to self-administer APA to manage their pain. Yeh is also the developer of an ecological momentary assessment (EMA) app to collect real-time pain outcomes and deliver reminders to promote intervention adherence. Given the high prevalence of chronic pain and the epidemic of opioid addiction disorder in the U.S., a public health crisis, Dr. Yeh’s research presents a highly promising, complementary approach to pain management. The significance of Dr. Yeh’s work is demonstrated through multiple RO1s and the Johnson & Johnson award.

Additional Resources

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  • Publications/Research

    Kawi, J., Yeh, C.H., Li, M., Caswell, K., Mazraani, M., Lukkahatai, N., Mensah, S., Taylor, J., Budhathoki, C., Christo, P. (2021). Auricular Point Acupressure Smartphone Application to Manage Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain: A Longitudinal, One-Group, Open Pilot Trial. Global Advances in Health and Medicine. 10.1177/2164956120987531

    Yeh, C.H., Caswell, K., Pandiri, S., Sair, H., Lukkahatai, N., Campbell, C.M., Stearns, V., Van de Castle, B., Perrin, N., Smith, T.J., Saligan, L.N. (2020). Dynamic brain activity following auricular point acupressure in chemotherapy-induced neuropathy: A pilot longitudinal functional magnetic resonance imaging study. Global Advances in Health and Medicine. 13;9:2164956120906092

    Yeh, C.H., Li, C., Glick, R., Schlenk, E.A., Albers, K., Suen, K.P.L., Lukkahatai, N., Salen, N., Pandiri, S., Ma, W.X., Perrin, N., Morone, N.E., Christo, P.J. (2020). A prospective randomized controlled study of auricular point acupressure to manage chronic low back pain in older adults: study protocol. Trials 21:99.

    Yeh, C. H., Lin, W. C., Suen, K.P.L., Park, N. J., van Londen, G., & Bovbjerg, H. D. (2017). Auricular point acupressure to manage arthralgia related to aromatase inhibitors in breast cancer survivors. Oncology Nursing Forum, 44(4), 476-487. PMID: 28632237

    Yeh, C.H., Suen, L.K.P., Chien, L.C., Margolis, L., Liang, Z., Glick, R., & Morone, N.E. (2015). “Day-to-Day Changes of Auricular Point Acupressure to Manage Chronic Low Back Pain: A 29-day randomized control study.” Pain Medicine, 16(10), 1857-1869.

    Yeh, C.H., Lin, W.C., Chien, L.C., Bovbjerg, D.H. & van Londen, G. (2015). “Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of Auricular Point Acupressure to Manage Symptom Clusters of Pain, Fatigue, and Disturbed Sleep in Breast Cancer Patients.” Cancer Nursing.

  • Awards/Honors

    2018  Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN)

    2018  Johns Hopkins University Discovery Award

    2018  Isabel Hampton Robb Faculty Fellowship

    2006-2007  Fulbright Scholarship (visiting scholar at School of Nursing, University of North Carolina, NC)

    2000-2008  Research Excellence Award, Chang Gung University (re-evaluated yearly)

    1999-2008  Research Excellence Award, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (re-evaluated yearly)

    1999  Research Award, Nurses AIDS Prevention Foundation, Taiwan

    1996  Eastern Nursing Research Society Scholar (U.S.A.)

    1996  Chiang Ching-Kuo Dissertation Fellowship (U.S.A)