13 Tips to Survive Finals Your First Semester

13 Tips to Survive Finals Your First Semester

By: Cornelia Coté

Finals week is right around the corner, and many of us feel overwhelmed, stressed and tired. It’s almost over though! Here are a few tips to help you finish the semester strong.

  1. Make a study schedule for the weeks leading up to finals. Don’t forget to balance your study time between classes!
  2. Find out when your TAs are holding review sessions and attend all that you can.
  3. Mix up your study settings—spend some time studying alone and some time with a partner or group.
  4. Use a timer to keep yourself on task while studying (check out the Pomodoro technique for more tips on this strategy!)
  5. Take short breaks from studying to move around. Try doing a few jumping jacks, some sun salutations, or just take a short walk around the block.
  6. Practice deep breathing when you feel overwhelmed or stressed – JHU students can use the Calm App for free!
  7. Study somewhere outside the School of Nursing, which can be a high stress environment.
  8. Utilize tutoring through the Academic Success Center.
  9. Stock your fridge and plan your meals to make sure you eat well before and during finals.
  10. Call your friends or family for support—and for a good laugh!
  11. Re-read brief notes before bedtime—this can help consolidate the information.
  12. Take a hot shower before bed to decompress.
  13. Get plenty of sleep! You need to be well rested to feel less anxious and to perform well.

The Nursing School Survival Guide is a blog series by the Academic Success Center.

Looking for more resources to help you stay ahead? We offer tutoring, academic coaching, workshops, and other services aimed at supporting you through your academic journey. Visit the Academic Success Center or email [email protected] for more information about our staff and services!

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Cornelia Coté is a  half American, half French MSN (Entry Into Nursing) student from Rye, NY. Growing up, she spent summer and winter breaks visiting her grandparents and family in France. Cornelia earned her Bachelors in Psychology, minoring in Entrepreneurship and Management, from Johns Hopkins University. She began a career in Advertising and Marketing in New York City and then Paris, where she lived when her grandmother fell ill. It was in caring for her grandmother that she discovered her interest in nursing.

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