Advancing the Science of Resilience

Sydnee Logan
By Sydnee Logan  | 
Advancing the Science of Resilience

Watch the recording for Advancing the Science of Resilience Day

PROMOTE—short for “Promoting Resilience in Persons with Multiple Chronic Conditions.”

Led by Dr. Sarah Szanton, PROMOTE is a new, NIH-funded Center at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing that is leading a paradigm shift from disease-specific models of care to care that is person-centered and uses community-focused interventions. Interventions that address different factors that affect health—like functional limitations, family caregivers’ perspectives, poverty, housing, access to food, and even traumatic life events.

Most recently, the PROMOTE center hosted “Advancing the Science of Resilience Day,” where attendees developed a better understanding of the importance of incorporating multiple aspects of resilience and novel ways of synthesizing aspects of resilience in their own research.

Advancing the Science of Resilience Day (Recording)



What is resilience? Insights from other resilient systems               Ravi Varadhan, PhD

Biological & physical resilience                                                             Jeremy Walston, MD

Psychological/ cognitive resilience                                                       Michelle Carlson, PhD

Community & family resilience                                                             Darrell Gaskin, PhD

Panel: Synthesizing panel to gain insight into resilience                 Sarah Szanton PhD, ANP, and speakers


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