Nurse practitioners are the fastest growing occupation in the U.S., and will be for the next decade. 

They represent the highest median salary among the other top 10 fastest-growing professions, and are in such high demand in part because of the shortage of physicians and the aging baby boomer population. Nurse practitioners are able to fill many gaps in care, like mental health and primary care, and also represent a very accessible health care career path. 

Host Tamar Rodney is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and today’s guest, Danielle McCamey, is an acute care nurse practitioner. Dr. McCamey is the Assistant Dean for Strategic Partnerships at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, as well as the founder of DNPs of Color, a networking, mentorship, and advocacy organization for DNP-prepared nurses of color. 

Listen as they dig into all the best things about the profession, and since it’s also black history month, into how the profession uniquely serves multicultural communities as well.


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