Church Notes: Spring 2024

Church Notes: Spring 2024

Spring 2024 As Seen in Our Spring 2024 Issue

Historic Grandfather Clock

In the fall of 2023, the beautiful Thomas Wagstaffe George III grandfather’s clock (circa London 1770), which for years graced the lobby of the Rotunda at Church Home and Hospital, was formally donated to the John’s Hopkins School of Nursing. When Church Home closed, the clock was purchased by T. Gil Whedbee, Church Home president. Since Mr. Whedbee’s passing and that of his son, Mrs. Marianne Whedbee—who inherited the clock—felt the best place for the lovely antique was a place of prominence from which it would “keep the nurses on time,” as her dear husband Gil had often mentioned. The clock was restored to its original beauty and working order by expert clocksmith Nicholas Hainis, son of Susan Riddleberger, ’73. (Sue is to the left of the clock and me in the photo on facing page.)

Freda Creutzburg Scholar

The 2023-24 Freda Creutzburg Scholar is once again Ali Lose. Ali received $14,372 from the endowed scholarship to assist in her education. Ali has shared that she was only able to get her nursing education with the support of the scholarship!


Thank you to Linda Spedden Yukna, ’70, for the recent donation of articles and CHH news memorabilia. Also thank you to Ken Plesser, spouse of recently deceased alumnus Peggy Peterson, ’69 for the donation of yearbooks and other noteworthy CHH documents. All of the items are very much appreciated and a valued part of our history.

Reunion Weekend

Save the dates of June 20-22 for 2024 Reunion Weekend! Invitations will be sent to reunion classes celebrating milestones. Details will be posted on the CHH Facebook page. All CHH alumni are welcome to attend. This will be a milestone in itself, since this will be the 20th year that we have jointly celebrated with our fellow Johns Hopkins alumni.


In the last issue, an alumnus’ name was listed incorrectly. Apologies to Kay Rice Dicken, ’58.

From the Plaque: Thomas Wagstaffe George III Clock

This beautiful Thomas Wagstaffe George III Clock, made in London in 1770, long graced the Rotunda Lobby of Church Home and Hospital, which sat between East Fayette and East Baltimore streets several blocks south of Johns Hopkins Hospital. It was donated by Marianne Whedbee, wife of former Church Home and Hospital President (1965-1993) T. Gil Whedbee, who bought the clock after Church Home and Hospital closed in 1999. (Whedbee, as part of the Consortium for Nursing Education, planned the creation of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, which opened in 1984.)

The Church Home and Hospital School of Nursing existed from 1894-1976, and its students took pediatrics and psychiatry courses at the Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing. In 2004, the Church Home and Hospital and Johns Hopkins nurses’ alumni associations became affiliated, and the groups have since celebrated reunions and remembrances together.

Mr. Whedbee told his wife he hoped this clock would one day permanently reside “in a place where it would always watch over the wonderful nurses and keep them on time.” So it shall.

In Memoriam

Mary Lou Long Hiortdahl, ’53

Marguerite Kiser, ’54

Peggy Sharon Peterson, ’69

Kathleen Riley Capan, ’69

Deborah Corteggiano Kennedy, ’73

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