The White Coat Fall 2023

Fall 2023 As Seen in Our Fall 2023 Issue
The White Coat Fall 2023

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Pledge:

As I enter the nursing profession I pledge to:

Use all the knowledge, skills, and understanding that I possess.

Respect wellness as a human right, promote this with individuals, their families, and communities while honoring my own wellbeing.

Practice with cultural humility, treat each person with respect, and listen so that I may give voice to the voiceless.

Hold in professional confidence all the personal information entrusted to me.

Honor our history and forebears by building upon the advancement of science, innovation, research, policy, and knowledge.

Collaborate across disciplines, cultures, and nations. Mentor those who come after me so that they can grow, learn, and gain confidence.

Be a light of hope for all entrusted to our care.

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