From the Dean: Here & Now

From the Dean: Here & Now

If you weren’t there, you should have seen it, and felt it. As we launched the Institute for Policy Solutions—surrounded by thought leaders and difference makers—at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, it was a capital m “Moment.”

Introducing the Institute for Policy Solutions at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and its inaugural leaders, Vincent Guilamo-Ramos and Natalia Barolin, I was struck by how ready people are to hear those solutions.

Ours is such a big vision, and it’s going to take all of us: addressing social inequity before it fills our emergency rooms, overtaxes our funding, and stretches the health care workforce to the breaking point. We’ve been calling for change, for elevating and recognizing nurses as the experts, problem solvers, and healers that we’ve always been. We now have the world’s ear, and plan to keep it. Our moment is now. Welcome.

Sarah L. Szanton
Dean, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
Patricia M. Davidson Professor of Health Equity & Social Justice

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