Curriculum Enhancement Opportunities at JHSON 

Curriculum Enhancement Opportunities at JHSON 

You may ask yourself what opportunities outside of the MSN Entry into Nursing program makes this program stand out from other prelicensure programs. Beyond our diverse student organizations, premier faculty, and superlative clinical and simulation experiences, you can participate in Curriculum Enhancement Opportunities to further enrich your prelicensure nursing education. These extracurricular experiences allow you to further discover your passions within the field of nursing, all while building your knowledge of the health care team, research, and community impact. Learn more about each Curriculum Enhancement Opportunities to further visualize which program may best fit your professional goals.  

Birth Companions:

Birth Companions course and program will prepare you to become a doula to support childbearing people through pregnancy, labor, birth, and even after birth. Training will include emotional, informative and physical support and how to advocate throughout the childbirth process. Through this program, you will have the opportunity to impact the Baltimore metropolitan area through this resource which is free to them.  

Community Outreach Program (C.O.P.):

Community Outreach Program’s goal of providing services to historically marginalized populations would allow you to gain exposure to how you, as a student, can help improve the health status of urban Baltimore City. This program is a student service-learning component of the Center for Community Programs, Innovations, and Scholarship (COMPASS), in partnership with SOURCE, the community engagement and service-learning center for the JHU Schools of Public Health, Nursing, and Medicine. Whether you have an interest in school health, hospice care, harm reduction services, advocacy initiatives, youth programming, or Latino/a/x-serving organizations, Community Outreach Program can help you connect with the community of Baltimore. 

Fuld Fellows Program:

The Fuld Fellows Leadership Program allows students the opportunity to participate in the highest quality interprofessional health education, research, and patient care delivery. Through collaboration with Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins Schools of Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health, students are able to bridge theory and practice through practical quality improvement and patient safety experiences. 

Research Honors Program:

The Research Honors Program is another way to gain exposure to research; students can work alongside experienced scientists through ongoing research projects that aim to advance the body of knowledge and nursing practice, shape health policy, and impact the health of people. Research continues to bring value to nursing and is a way to promote intellectual growth among a diverse group of students. 

Health System Sciences Interprofessional Scholars Program:

The Health Systems Sciences Interprofessional Scholars Program joint initiative between the Johns Hopkins University Schools of Nursing and Medicine, and the Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Pharmacy to provide you with interprofessional collaboration exposure to better contribute to the success of the health care delivery setting. Through this program, you will learn with others studying medicine and pharmacy about leadership and patient safety within an interprofessional setting to gain hands-on experience by completing home visits and a community service/health promotion project. 

Policy Honors Program:

The Policy Honors Program can help bridge your interest in nursing and policy advocacy while gaining exposure to how policy influences local, state, federal, and global communities. Through this program, you will strengthen your analytical and communication skills and learn how conflicting perspectives of health care stakeholders impact policy decisions while providing an opportunity to learn from policy experts and seasoned advocates across various disciplines. 

*The summaries of each program are direct reflections of the respective program webpage and may not be original work of the author. 

About the Author: Brandon LeBlanc

Brandon LeBlanc serves as the Assistant Director for (MSN Entry into Nursing) Recruitment at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. He has a passion for helping student’s bring life-long goals to life. Feel free to contact him with any questions regarding our nursing programs at 410-502-4132 or [email protected].

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