From the Dean: Let’s Drive the Conversation on Health, Policy

From the Dean: Let’s Drive the Conversation on Health, Policy

Nurses are leading the way to a new vision of health.

While traditional care systems treat wounds, injuries, and sickness, a shift is happening toward prevention, wellbeing, and whole-person care. This is where nursing has always thrived; and it’s where we now have a timely opportunity to advocate for access and resources for all to live healthy and well. 

In this issue, we offer a glimpse at the future: the upcoming launch of a new policy institute at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, where we will maximize our role as researchers, data analysts, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers. You’ll meet our inaugural cohort of Policy Honors Scholars, who are readying to address the world’s most critical health challenges through advocacy. And we will introduce our plans for the school’s presence within the new Johns Hopkins building at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, the center of policy and national influence.

The anticipation is building for nursing’s stewardship in this new century of care. As recently ranked the No. 1 School of Nursing for the sixth year in a row, we educate nurses to lead, conduct unparalleled research, and drive the conversation of health and policy, locally to globally.

Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoy the issue.

Sarah L. Szanton
Dean, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
Patricia M. Davidson Professor of Health Equity & Social Justice

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