Church Notes Spring 2023

Spring 2023 As Seen in Our Spring 2023 Issue
Church Notes Spring 2023

By Deborah Corteggiano Kennedy, ’73

Freda Creutzburg Scholar

The latest recipient of the Freda Creutzburg Scholarship is Alicyn “Ali” Lose. Ali wrote to me to express her sincere appreciation for the significant gift she received from the scholarship. Ali became inspired to be a nurse after watching the nursing care her mother, who has MS, received. Ali has a passion for surgery and wants to be a part of the OR team. She hopes to eventually become a neurosurgical NP. 

*Please keep the Freda Creutzburg Scholarship in mind when you designate your giving dollars!

Reunion 2023

Reunion Weekend will be held June 1-3. All CHH Alumni will be invited to attend the exciting and very special activities that have been planned. This is especially exciting for me as this is my 50th celebration! I can’t believe it was 19 years ago that CHH Alums first jointly celebrated Reunion Weekend with our nursing colleagues at Johns Hopkins (1973 was the last year of the Hopkins Diploma program). Look to the CHH Facebook page for updates and more details.

Note: If you do not receive an invitation, or have moved, contact Katie Coleman ([email protected]) at JHSON to have your contact information updated in the CHH database.

I am also asking for nominations for the Distinguished Alumni Award. Please send nominations to be by May 15.

Historical Gift

Recently, Mrs. Marianne Whedbee, widow of former Church Home President T. Gil Whedbee, contacted me to inform us that she wanted to donate the beautiful clock that always graced the Church Home Rotunda Lobby to the Alumni Association. The signed Thomas Wagstaffe George III Clock was made in London in 1770. Mr. Whedbee purchased the clock when the hospital closed. He always told his wife that ultimately he wanted the clock “in a place where it would always watch over the wonderful nurses and keep them on time.” An exact location of the final placement of the clock is yet to be determined. Dean Sarah Szanton will keep us informed. 

In Memoriam

Rosa Ruekert Debes Hubbard, ’62
Nancy Bowler Waligorski, ’64
Merrill Scharnagle Brophy, ’63
Claire Kalbfleisch Khatoonian Levin, ’64
Pace Randall Jagodzinski, ’75
Claire Kalbfleisch Khatoonian Levin, ’64
Pace Randall Jagodzinski, ’75

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