Policy Honors Program Takes Flight

Fall 2022 As Seen in Our Fall 2022 Issue
Policy Honors Program Takes Flight

The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing has launched a Policy Honors Program for students to gain experience and foundational skills in policy analysis and advocacy to address critical health challenges. The two-semester program will broaden students’ understanding of nursing’s role in policy and expand their skills and confidence to connect with policymakers, effectively communicate policy proposals, and advocate for better health for communities.

The Policy Honors Program is the newest part of JHSON’s efforts to increase its impact on health policy, which also include the addition of Sophie Kasimow, JD, as senior health policy advisor. This inaugural position reflects a commitment to influence policies that help eliminate inequities and improve health outcomes. A seasoned career health policy advisor, Kasimow will help advance health policy engagement efforts in the classroom, across campus, and in Washington, DC. She will also drive the conversation over the future of health and health care in government, health care organizations, start-ups, and the broader policy.

“The Policy Honors Program is part of our bold vision to reshape nursing and influence health for the next century,” says Dean Sarah Szanton, PhD, RN, FAAN. “We want to introduce students early on to the impact they can have engaging in policy. As more nurses are involved in policy and advocacy, more people will have access to care and better outcomes in life.”

Szanton will teach the inaugural 2023 cohort, which will include discussion-based seminars, regular faculty mentoring sessions, and a policy-relevant project and final presentation. Discussion and assignments will help students identify, evaluate, and influence local, state, federal, and global policy issues. 

Beginning in 2023, JHSON will present an annual Dean’s Award for Outstanding Policy Influencer, honoring alumni whose advocacy accomplishments at the local, regional, national, or international level have made a significant impact in their field or whose policy and advocacy work has improved the health of individuals, communities or populations and demonstrates how nurse leaders are providing outstanding contributions to health policy issues.

Learn more about the Policy Honors Program or apply: nursing.jhu.edu/policyhonors.

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