Summer Research Roundup 2022

Summer Research Roundup 2022


The year to date in publications from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

From A for aging to Z for … whenever that particular Omicron variant finds its way to humans, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing researchers—faculty and students—have continued to set the bar high for depth, reach, and output. Below is a list of much of that impactful work from late 2021 through the present, stressing equity and community care and charting a path for future advances in health care, patient safety, and of course nursing education.


“Prevalence of Functional Limitations Among Foreign and US-born Black Older Adults: 2010-2016 National Health Interview Surveys,” Manka Nkimbeng*, Ruth-Alma Turkson-Ocran, Sarah Szanton, Joycelyn Cudjoe, Janiece Taylor, Yvonne Commodore-Mensah, and a colleague — Ethnicity and Health

“Going Beyond Affordability for Digital Equity: Closing the ‘Digital Divide’ Through Outreach and Training Programs for Older Adults,” Kelly Gleason* and Jonathan Suen — Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

“Assessment of Hearing and Vision Impairment in Cohort Studies Collecting Cognitive Data in Older Adults,” Bonnielin Swenor and colleagues — Alzheimer’s and Dementia

“Longer Residence in the United States Is Associated With More Physical Function Limitations in African Immigrant Older Adults,” Manka Nkimbeng*, Yvonne Commodore-Mensah, Hae-Ra Han, Sarah Szanton, and colleagues — Journal of Applied Gerontology

“Diabetes Management Among Underserved Older Adults Through Telemedicine and Community Health Workers,” Zyrene Marsh*, Yen Nguyen, Valerie Cotter, and a colleague — Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners

“High Social Coping Self-Efficacy Associated With Lower Sweat Interleukin-6 in Older Adults With Chronic Illness,” Melissa Hladek*, Jessica Gill, Jerilyn Allen, Sarah Szanton, Journal of Applied Gerontology

“Improvements of Disability Outcomes in CAPABLE Older Adults Differ by Financial Strain Status,” Laura Samuel, Sarah Szanton, and colleagues — Journal of Applied Gerontology

“Patterns and Predictors of Preparation for Future Care Among Older Rural Chinese Adults: A Latent Profile Analysis,” Junxin Li and colleagues — Journal of Applied Gerontology

“Where to Retire? Experiences of Older African Immigrants in the United States,” Manka Nkimbeng*, Sarah Szanton, and colleagues — International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

“Longitudinal Associations of Self-Reported Visual, Hearing, and Dual Sensory Difficulties With Symptoms of Depression Among Older Adults in the United States,” Bonnielin Swenor and colleagues — Frontiers in Neuroscience


“‘We’re all we got is each other’: Mixed-methods Analysis of Patient-Caregiver Dyads’ Management of Heart Failure,” Katie Nelson*, Martha Abshire Saylor, Annabel Anderson, Patricia Davidson, Lyndsay DeGroot, Marlena Fisher, Noelle Pavlovic, Sarah Szanton, and colleagues — Heart and Lung

“Disparities in Cardiometabolic Risk Profiles and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus by Nativity and Acculturation: Findings from 2016-2017 National Health Interview Survey,” Ruth-Alma Turkson-Ocran, Lisa Cooper, Yvonne Commodore-Mensah, and colleagues — BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care

“A Multi-Site Thailand Heart Failure Snapshot Study,” Thitipong Tankumpuan*, Nancy Perrin, Yvonne Commodore-Mensah, Chakra Budhathoki, Cheryl Himmelfarb, Patricia Davidson, and colleagues — Heart Lung and Circulation

“Association of Sensory Loss with the Knowledge of Heart Attacks,” Bonnielin Swenor and colleagues — American Journal of Preventive Medicine

“Controlling High Blood Pressure: An Evidence-Based Blueprint for Change,” Yvonne Commodore-Mensah, Alison Smith, and colleagues — American Journal of Medical Quality

“Improving Hypertension Control and Cardiovascular Health: An Urgent Call to Action for Nursing,” Yvonne Commodore-Mensah, Alison Smith, and colleagues — Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing

“Improving Advanced Practice Provider Knowledge and Assessment of Medication Adherence in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease,” Deborah Baker, Rita D’Aoust, and colleagues — Journal for Nurse Practitioners


“Communication Between Schools Nurses and Health Care Providers on Students with Asthma: An Integrative Review,” Emma Slas*, Yen Nguyen, and Kimberly McIltrot — Journal of School Nursing

“Social Connectedness Among Parents Raising Children in Low-Income Communities: An Integrative Review,” Corinne Plesko*, Zhiyuan Yu, Deborah Gross, and colleague — Research in Nursing & Health

“Overcoming Barriers to Breastfeeding,” Cecília Tomori* — Best Practice & Research in Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology

“Overview of Recognition and Prevention of Child Sex Trafficking in the Primary Care Setting: A Primer for Nurse Practitioners,” Brigit VanGraafeiland* and colleagues — Journal for Nurse Practitioners

“Childhood Adversity and Mental Health Among Chinese Young Adults: The Protective Role of Resilience,” Zhiyuan Yu*, Wenyi Chen, Nancy Perrin, Deborah Gross, and a colleague — Journal of Advanced Nursing

“Measuring Child-Rearing Goals for Parents with Young Children: A Scoping Review,” Deborah Gross and colleagues — Family Process

“Exposure to Baby-Friendly Hospital Practices and Breastfeeding Outcomes of WIC Participants in Maryland,” Joanne Silbert-Flagg and colleagues — Journal of Human Lactation

“Addressing Psychosocial Topics in Group Well-Child Care: A Multi-Method Study with Immigrant Latino Families,” Elizabeth Sloand and colleagues — Academic Pediatrics

“Sleep Disturbance and Psychological Distress Among Hospitalized Children in India: Parental Perceptions on Pediatric Inpatient Experiences,” Shawna Mudd, Vinciya Pandian, and colleagues — Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing

“Corrigendum to ‘Decreasing Smoking During Pregnancy: Potential Economic Benefit of Reducing Sudden Unexpected Infant Death,’ ” Eric Slade and colleagues — Preventive Medicine

“Routledge Handbook of Anthropology and Reproduction,” edited by Cecília Tomori and a colleague — Routledge

“Medication Errors in Overweight and Obese Pediatric Patients: A Narrative Review,” Nicole Mollenkopf and colleagues — Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety


“Scientists: Don’t Feed the Doubt Machine. From Climate to COVID, Naivety About How Science Is Hijacked Promotes More of the Same,” Cecília Tomori* — Nature

“Access to Food and Health Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Disability Status in the United States,” Laura Samuel, Bonnielin Swenor, and colleagues.  — Disability and Health Journal

“Perceived Organizational Effectiveness, Moral Injury, and Moral Resilience among Nurses During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Cynda Rushton*, Katie Nelson, Inga Antonsdottir, Ginger Hanson, and Danielle Boyce — Nursing Management

“Where is the ‘Public’ in American Public Health? Moving from Individual Responsibility to Collective Action,” Cecília Tomori* and colleagues — The Lancet

“The New Frontline: Exploring the Links Between Moral Distress, Moral Resilience and Mental Health in Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Cynda Rushton and colleagues — BMC Psychiatry

“Dementia Care in the Age of COVID-19: Community Resources for Nurses,” Valerie Cotter and colleagues — Nursing

“Positive Pressure Testing Booths Development and Deployment in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak,” Jason Farley and colleagues — Journal of Medical Devices, Transactions of the ASME

“Tracheostomy Care and Communication During COVID-19: Global Interprofessional Perspectives,” Chandler Moser*, Vinciya Pandian, and colleagues — American Journal of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Medicine and Surgery

“Your Health Is in Your Hands—US CDC COVID-19 Mask Guidance Reveals the Moral Foundations of Public Health,” Cecília Tomori* and colleagues — The Lancet


“Establishing the Doctor of Nursing Practice Project ethical review process to improve standardization, efficiency, and timeliness,” Kimberly McIltrot*, Deborah Busch, Brigit Van Graafeiland, Elaine Stashinko, Martha Abshire Saylor, Monique Daniels, Vinciya Pandian, Sandra Panchalingam, Cheryl Himmelfarb and Rita D’Aoust — Nursing Outlook

“Integrating Virtual Simulation into Nursing Education: A Roadmap,” Kristen Brown*, Sandra Swoboda, Catherine Horvath, Nancy Sullivan, and colleague — Clinical Simulation in Nursing

“Strengthening External Protective Resources to Promote Prelicensure Nursing Students’ Resilience,” Vickie Hughes*, Sandra Swoboda, Janiece Taylor, Krysia Hudson, and Cynda Rushton — Journal of Professional Nursing

“Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections and Advanced Practice Providers: Identifying Opportunities for Prevention Efforts,” Shawna Mudd*, Tammy Slater, and colleague — Journal for Nurse Practitioners

“Pedagogical Techniques in Planning Educational Experiences for Clinical Nurse Specialist Students,” Michelle Patch and colleagues — Clinical Nurse Specialist

“Black Nurse Scientists and the Undeniable Role of Historically Black Colleges and Universities,” Kamila Alexander and colleagues — Nursing Outlook

“Preparing Future Nursing Faculty: Integrating Enhanced Teaching and Leadership Development Curricula into PhD Education,” Hae-Ra Han*, Rita D’Aoust, Deborah Gross, Sarah Szanton, Marie Nolan, Jacquelyn Campbell, and Patricia Davidson — Journal of Advanced Nursing

“What Motivates Our Practice Colleagues to Precept the Next Generation?” Susan Renda*, Marianne Fingerhood, Karan Kverno, Tammy Slater, Kelly Gleason and Michal Goodwin — Journal for Nurse Practitioners

“Birth Companions: Teaching Nursing Students to Become Doulas,” Laura Lucas and colleague — Journal of Perinatal Education

“Engaging Advanced Practice Nurses in Evidence-Based Practice: An e-Mentoring Program,” Vinciya Pandian and colleagues — Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing

“Nursing Care in Space? The Need for Nurses in the New and Evolving Field of Healthcare in Space,” Vinciya Pandian*, Dorothy Coker, and a colleague — Journal of Clinical Nursing 

“Development and Psychometric Properties of the Tool for Assessing LGBTQI+ Health Training (TALHT) in Pre-licensure Nursing Curricula,” Meredith Klepper, Angie Deng, Catherine Ling, Nicole Mollenkopf, Kelly Bower, and colleagues — Nurse Education Today

NACNS White Paper on Telehealth Competency for the Clinical Nurse Specialist: Gap Analysis and Recommendations,” Jennifer Peterson and colleagues — Clinical Nurse Specialist


“Strategies for Providing Culturally Sensitive Care to Diverse Populations,” Ruth-Alma Turkson-Ocran*, Manka Nkimbeng, Daffcar Erol, DaSol Amy Hwang, Akasi Aryitey, Victoria Hughes — Journal of Christian Nursing

“Indigenous Social Exclusion to Inclusion: Case Studies on Indigenous Nursing Leadership in Four High Income Countries,” Teresa Brockie* and colleagues — Journal of Clinical Nursing

“Achieving Equity in Diagnostic Excellence,” Kathryn McDonald* — JAMA

“Structural Racial Discrimination and Structural Resilience: Measurement Precedes Change,” Sarah Szanton*, Sarah LaFave, and colleague — The Journals of Gerontology. Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences

“Disability Inclusion as a Key Component of Research Study Diversity,” Bonnielin Swenor* and a colleague — New England Journal of Medicine

“Racism and Older Black Americans’ Health: A Systematic Review,” Sarah LaFave*, Jonathan Suen, Q Seau, A Bergman, MC Fisher, Sarah Szanton, and a colleague — Journal of Urban Health

“Strategies for Culturally Safe Research with Native American Communities: An Integrative Review,” Teresa Brockie*, Patricia Davidson, Ellie Decker, Lydia Koh Krienke, Katie Nelson, Natalie Nicholson, Deborah Wilson, and colleagues — Contemporary Nurse

“Through an Equity Lens: Illuminating the Relationships Among Social Inequities, Stigma and Discrimination, and Patient Experiences of Emergency Health Care,” Nancy Perrin and colleagues —International Journal of Health Services


“Burnout and Moral Resilience in Interdisciplinary Healthcare Professionals,” Inga Antonsdottir*, Cynda Rushton, Katie Nelson, Sandra Swoboda, Ginger Hanson, and a colleague — Journal of Clinical Nursing

“Organizational Impact on Healthcare Workers’ Moral Injury during COVID-19: A Mixed-Methods Analysis,” Katie Nelson*, Ginger Hanson, Danielle Boyce, Cynda Rushton, and colleagues — Journal of Nursing Administration

“Developing Resilience: Strategies to Adapt Within an Interprofessional Team,” Vickie Hughes* and colleagues — Nursing Clinics of North America

“The Impact on Organizations, Individuals, and Care When Nurses Are Also Family Caregivers,” Ginger Hanson and colleagues — Nursing Outlook

“Honesty and Transparency, Indispensable to the Clinical Mission—Part I: How Tiered Professionalism Interventions Support Teamwork and Prevent Adverse Events,” Cynda Rushton and colleagues — Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America

“Honesty and Transparency, Indispensable to the Clinical Mission—Part II: How Communication and Resolution Programs Promote Patient Safety and Trust,” Cynda Rushton and colleagues — Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America

“Honesty and Transparency, Indispensable to the Clinical Mission—Part III: How Leaders Can Prevent Burnout, Foster Wellness and Recovery, and Instill Resilience,” Cynda Rushton and colleagues — Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America

“Ethics in Nursing: Progress on National Nursing Ethics Summit,” Binu Koirala*, Patricia Davidson, and Cynda Rushton — Nursing Outlook


“A Qualitative Study of Fourteen African Countries’ Nursing Workforce and Labour Market,” Nancy Reynolds, Patricia Davidson, and colleagues — International Nursing Review

“Supporting Women’s Leadership Development in Global Health through Virtual Events and Near-Peer Networking,” Nancy Glass and colleagues — Annals of Global Health


“Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Nurses in the United States: Prevalence and Effect on Role,” Tamar Rodney*, Omeid Heidari, Hailey Miller, Clifton Thornton, Emerald Jenkins, and colleague — Journal of Nursing Management

“Lithium: Current Clinical Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners,” Karan Kverno* — Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services

“Patterns of Adverse Childhood Experiences, Social Problem-Solving, and Mental Health Among Latina Immigrants,” Teresa Brockie, Nancy Perrin, Maria Jose Sanchez-Roman, Lia Escobar-Acosta, Lisa Cooper, and colleagues — Journal of Interpersonal Violence

“Recommendations for Emergency Departments Caring for Persons with Opioid Use and Opioid Use Disorders: An Integrative Review,” Tammy Slater*, Tamar Rodney, and colleagues — Journal of Emergency Nursing

“Building Resilience in US Military Families: Why It Matters,” Catherine Ling and colleague — BMJ Military Health

“Poor Sleep Quality Is Linked to Elevated Extracellular Vesicle-Associated Inflammatory Cytokines in Warfighters with Chronic Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries,” Jessica Gill and colleagues — Frontiers in Pharmacology

“Advanced Brain Age in Deployment-Related Traumatic Brain Injury: A LIMBIC-CENC Neuroimaging Study,” Jessica Gill and colleagues — Brain Injury

“Traumatic Brain Injury and Early Onset Dementia in Post 9-11 Veterans,” Jessica Gill and colleagues — Brain Injury


“Colorectal Cancer Survivorship Care Plans: Variations in Documentation and Posttreatment Surveillance Recommendations,” Brenda Nettles and colleagues — Journal of Surgical Oncology

“Oncology Nursing Telephone Triage Workshop: Impact on Nurses’ Knowledge, Confidence, and Skill,” Erin Spaulding, Bryan Hansen, and colleagues — Cancer Nursing


“Older Adult and Family Caregiver Preferences for Emergency Department Based-Palliative Care: An Experience-Based Co-Design Study,” Rebecca Wright*, Bryan Hansen, and colleagues — International Journal of Nursing Studies Advances

“Mapping the Future for Research in Emergency Medicine Palliative Care: A Research Roadmap,” Rebecca Wright and colleagues — Academic Emergency Medicine

“Exploring the Experiences of Co-morbid Pain and Depression in Older African American Women and Their Preferred Management Strategies,” Emerald Jenkins, Manka Nkimbeng, Martha Abshire Saylor, Sarah Szanton, Rebecca Wright, Janiece Taylor, and colleagues — Frontiers in Pain Research

“A Missed Opportunity in the ED: Palliative Care Consult Delays During Inpatient Admission,” Rebecca Wright and colleagues — American Journal of Emergency Medicine

“Implementation and Effectiveness of Integrating Palliative Care Into Ambulatory Care of Noncancer Serious Chronic Illness: Mixed Methods Review and Meta-Analysis,” Lyndsay DeGroot, Valerie Cotter, and colleagues — Annals of Family Medicine


“Improving the Quality of Trials Reporting,” Diana Baptiste and colleagues — Journal of Clinical Nursing and Journal of Advanced Nursing

“Approaches for Establishing and Sustaining Clinical Academic Partnerships: A Discursive Review,” Diana Baptiste*, Michal Goodwin, and colleague — Journal of Clinical Nursing


“Impact of Sources of Strengths on Coping and Safety of Immigrant Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence,” Bushra Sabri*, Joyell Arscott, Jacquelyn Campbell, and colleagues — Affilia – Journal of Women and Social Work

“‘If the Partner Finds Out, then There’s Trouble’: Provider Perspectives on Safety Planning and Partner Interference When Offering HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) to Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV),” Lourdes Celius, Kamila Alexander, and colleagues — AIDS and Behavior

Describing Nonfatal Intimate Partner Strangulation Presentation and Evaluation in a Community-Based Hospital: Partnerships between the Emergency Department and In-House Advocates,” Jocelyn Anderson, Jacquelyn Campbell, Michelle Patch, and colleagues — Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation

“Patterns of Adverse Childhood Experiences, Social Problem-Solving, and Mental Health Among Latina Immigrants,” Carmen Alvarez*, Teresa Brockie, Nancy Perrin, Maria Jose Sanchez-Roman, Lia Escobar-Acosta, Lisa Cooper, and colleagues — Journal of Interpersonal Violence

“‘We’ve Already Endured the Trauma, Who is Going to Either End that Cycle or Continue to Feed It?’: The Influence of Family and Legal Systems on Native American Women’s Intimate Partner Violence Experiences,” Teresa Brockie, Jacquelyn Campbell, and colleagues — Journal of Interpersonal Violence

“‘So hurt and broken’: A qualitative study of experiences of violence and HIV outcomes among Zambian youth living with HIV,” Jacquelyn Campbell and colleagues — Global Public Health

“Persistence and Potential Lethality in Intimate Partner Violence: Evaluating the Concurrent and Predictive Validity of a Dual Risk Assessment Protocol,” Jacquelyn Campbell and colleagues — Violence Against Women

“Transgender and Gender Diverse Community Connection, Help-Seeking, and Mental Health Among Black Transgender Women Who Have Survived Violence: A Mixed-Methods Analysis,” Sarah Allgood, Kamila Alexander, Meredith Klepper, Jacquelyn Campbell, and colleagues — Violence Against Women

“Reproductive Coercion, Intimate Partner Violence, and Unintended Pregnancy Among Latina Women,” Karen Trister Grace, Kamila Alexander, Jacquelyn Campbell, Nancy Perrin, Nancy Glass, and colleagues — Journal of Interpersonal Violence

“Preventing Intimate Partner Homicide: The Long Road Ahead,” Jacquelyn Campbell and colleagues — Homicide Studies

“Correlates and Contributors of Reproductive Coercion Across the Socioecological Framework Among Intimate Partner Violence Survivors in Nairobi, Kenya,” Nancy Glass and colleagues — Journal of Family Violence

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