First Virtual Health Outlook Event Focuses on Climate Change

First Virtual Health Outlook Event Focuses on Climate Change

Virtual Health Outlook hosted by Dean Sarah Szanton is a new series bringing together nurses and thought leaders to discuss team-based approaches to impacting practice, research, and policy. The first panel hosted last month discussed climate change and its connection to health, equity, disease vulnerability, disaster preparedness, and the growing threat of future pandemics.



Gillian Caldwell

Chief Climate Officer and Deputy Assistant Administrator at USAID

Caldwell is responsible for directing and overseeing all climate and environment work across the agency and overseeing the Center for Environment, Energy, and Infrastructure and the Office of Environmental and Social Risk Management. Gillian has worked throughout her career to protect human rights and the environment with a focus on tackling climate change.

Cecília Tomori

Associate Professor and Director of Global Public Health and Community Health at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing with a joint appointment at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Tomori is an anthropologist and public health scholar whose work investigates the structural and sociocultural drivers that shape health, illness, and health inequities with a focus on maternal child health. At the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, she leads efforts to enhance global health and planetary health across the curriculum and supports the school’s membership in the Nurses Climate Challenge.

Catherine Ling

Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

Ling’s scholarship focuses on improving primary care for vulnerable populations. Her more than 25 years as a family nurse practitioner have centered on providing functional access to ambulatory care in community settings. As an educator, she provides innovative and rigorous curriculum and course design and delivery for quality learning and practice outcomes.

Erwin William Leyva

Assistant Professor and Head of the Research and Creative Writing Office at the University of the Philippines College of Nursing

Leyva’s areas of research and work are on climate change, planetary health, older people, and community health and development. Erwin currently implements community-based health programs and family health interventions on various public health problems, with a team of health professionals, local government officials, community health volunteers, patients and other key stakeholders.

Aisha S. Dickerson

Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Bloomberg Professor of American Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dickerson is an environmental neuroepidemiologist with research interests in environmental risk factors for neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders. She studies combined environmental and occupational exposures over the life course and subsequent individual and transgenerational neurological outcomes like autism spectrum disorder and dementia.


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