Shaikh and Abiy: Dads of the MSN (Entry Into Nursing) Program

Sydnee Logan
By Sydnee Logan  | 
Shaikh and Abiy: Dads of the MSN (Entry Into Nursing) Program

This Father’s Day, hear from two dads of the MSN (Entry Into Nursing) program: Shaikh Al-Harun and Abiy Mersha. Abiy graduated in May 2022 and Shaikh is in his third semester.


Shaikh Al-Harun

I am in the third semester of the MSN (Entry Into Nursing) program, and the proud dad of my little angel Izma who just celebrated her double-digit (tenth) birthday! She will start the fifth grade at Henderson-Hopkins School this fall.

We call ourselves the Hopkins family! Since Izma and I had our last semester online, we shared our study table with laptops side by side during our classes, and in between shared our thoughts, feelings and challenges. Izma loves to visit the nursing campus with me. In our leisure time, we enjoy seeing the surrounding beauty of Maryland.


Abiy Mersha  

I came to the U.S. fifteen years ago. English was my nightmare. It was a total culture shock. From having nothing to becoming a breadwinner, a husband, a dad, and a responsible son, I learned the value of family love. From unknown to the world’s most renowned and prestigious school, the Johns Hopkins University, securing my Masters of Science in Nursing, I landed my job at Georgetown University as an MS-ICU nurse.

This day would have never been possible without the help of almighty God and my incredible support system. They say, “The king without the queen is not a king.” ቀዳማዊት, my other half, the real MVP – I would not be the person I become today if Hiwot was not walked into my life. Without a good start, there is no definitive finish. Without the world’s most vital mother in my life, I could not possibly reach this point either.

I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it weren’t for my two daughters, Bella and Zoe. They help me find my core strength. They are my joy, the remedy for every problem throughout my educational journey. Anything is possible, and setting this example for success wouldn’t have happened without them. 


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