Students Moms and Future Nurses

Sydnee Logan
By Sydnee Logan  | 
Students Moms and Future Nurses

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating student moms across the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Whether your child inspired you to further your nursing career, or they’ve been a constant companion throughout your nursing educational journey, today we’re celebrating you!

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Mother’s Day Kudoboard 2022


Haley Williams

I am a proud student mom here’s us on all of our first day of school this year!


Erin Taketomo Gilbert

Thriving in the DNP/MBA program with my son Grady as my number one cheerleader!


Sabrina Elias

My son is the reason why I started the Ph.D. program, he is the reason why I persisted against adversities, and he is the reason why I will defend in a few months. These last almost 5 years have been the craziest ride of all, especially when juggling the Ph.D. program along with solo motherhood, but seeing his pride and joy during my Ph.D. Coat Ceremony and during Career Day at his school have been the best rewards. I hope my acts will speak for themselves and give him a great role model of perseverance, commitment, and service as he approaches his future profession of choice.


Sonnie Owusu

The best feeling on a long night of school work to hear your child say, “Mommy, don’t get tired, I believe in you!”


Ashley Gresh

Here is a photo of Kobe and I from my latest trip to Malawi for my dissertation fieldwork in March, from 8 weeks old to almost 4 years now, he’s with me every step of the way! Hopefully I will finish next year!


Christina Allen

Balancing motherhood and the MEN program has been a tough yet rewarding experience. The mom guilt, competing obligations and endless deadlines can take its toll, but nothing worth having comes easily. I’ve learned so much about myself and feel like I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to. I’m grateful for all the support I’ve received, but I’m especially grateful for my son whose hugs got me through so many stressful moments. Thank you, Kyren. Thanks for your patience and understanding throughout this experience. Mommy loves you. We did it!


Read student mom stories and add your own!


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