DAISY Awards

Spring 2022 As Seen in Our Spring 2022 Issue
DAISY Awards

Recognizing Johns Hopkins Hospital nurses for skilled, compassionate care that goes far beyond the call of duty.

July 2021 | Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean, RN, of the neonatal intensive care unit was nominated by a mom not only for her extraordinary care but for a seemingly simple but incredibly meaningful act. MacLean made a craft and wrote a special note for her patient’s older sister—“from” her new baby sister. “This small gesture that Sarah did made [big sister’s] entire life. She has the picture and note hanging in her bedroom and talks about it every single day.” The nomination letter goes on to say, “She is the most caring and compassionate person I’ve ever met.”

August 2021 | Andrew Driscoll

A fellow nurse’s nomination described Andrew Driscoll, RN, of the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), as constantly exemplifying hardworking, compassionate care, and wrote in detail about a time Driscoll went far above and beyond to lift the spirits of a child who was on the unit for an extended period, including his birthday. The patient was in an isolation room, meaning his parents could not be present. So Driscoll stepped in. “He hung additional birthday decorations, helped the boy interact socially, got him out of bed and to his chair, set him up with video games … and it was during all this that I saw a smile so big on this child’s face that I had not seen in all his days in the PICU.”

September 2021 | Corey Summers

Surprised by the DAISY Team in the cardiovascular progressive care unit, Corey Summers, RN, was even more touched when the patient who nominated him joined the award ceremony with his wife via Zoom to highlight the supportive and compassionate care Summers delivered when the patient was in distress. “He stayed with us. He reassured us. He distracted us. He carried us through a truly distressing and scary night.” Summers expertly guided care, showing “compassion that was heartfelt and helped us beyond measure.”

October 2021 | Teresa Kane

Teresa Kane, RN, of Weinberg 5B, was nominated by a fellow nurse who described how Kane always goes the extra mile for her patients. “The patients love her, and she is truly a nurse who has dedicated her life to the passion of oncology nursing and providing phenomenal care.” In addition, Kane was highlighted for her calm demeanor and expertise, especially when a patient’s status becomes critical.

November 2021 | Anna Lou Paniza

Anna Lou Paniza, RN, of Bloomberg 10 North, our in-patient adolescent care unit, was nominated by a fellow nurse who wrote that she was shocked to learn that Paniza hadn’t received a DAISY Award already, because she “is one of those nurses that gives all of herself, every shift, to her patients, families and coworkers.” The nomination letter also described how Paniza creates amazing bonds and relationships with the families she cares for and is “the backbone of leadership on nights.”

December 2021 | Emily Gillman

Emily Gillman, RN, made a big impression as soon as she met the patient who nominated her for the DAISY—welcoming him warmly and putting his entire family at ease. Her uplifting attitude helped the patient get back on his feet after a serious surgery, and her kindness and clinical knowledge made the family feel comfortable and well-informed. “We feel so lucky to have had such a wonderful angel for three days,” says the nomination letter. “She had the most amazing attitude and it lifted us up all day.”

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