Spring 2022 Class News

Spring 2022 As Seen in Our Spring 2022 Issue
Spring 2022 Class News

Congratulations to the 2021 AANP State Award Recipients:

AZ – Timian Godfrey, ’19

HI – Bradley Kuo, ’16

VT – Jeri Wohlberg, ’00

DE – Ema M. Ndi, ’15

DC – Carolyn Summer, ’15

Dr. Carol Rosenberg, ’17 and her start-up, READY.SIM.GO, were the second-place winners of NursePitch, an interactive event co-sponsored by the American Nurses Association.

Cynthia Thurlow, ’98, ’01 published her first book with Penguin Random House, Intermittent Fasting Transformation, on March 15, 2022.

Janet Barnes, ’20 was among the Johns Hopkins Hospital nurses who recently received a Daisy Award (read more here).

Dr. Catherine X. Marea, ’20 was one of two recipients of the 2021 Hillman Innovations in Care Award from the Rita & Alex Hillman Foundation.

Dr. Janiece Milesky, ’16 and Dr. Courtney Garry, ’21 were among the Johns Hopkins affiliates who received awards during JHSON’s annual gala, An Evening with the Stars.

Dr. Cheryl Nelson, ’21 received the Allegany College of Maryland’s 2022 Community Engagement Award for supporting the COVID-19 vaccination efforts in Allegany County, MD.

Class of 1970 Updates:

Lynne Jones Bryant lives in Hollywood, FL. She received a BSN from the University of Maryland, MSN from the University of Pennsylvania, and EdD from Florida International University. Most of her clinical experience was in the ICU. She then began teaching nurses how to be educators at several universities and retired in 2018 from Nova Southeastern University. Since retiring, Lynne and husband Gregg travel to Virginia to spend the summer at a lake cottage, where they enjoy hiking and kayaking. 

Patricia Jefferson Gibson continued her education with a BSN from Hampton University and an MS in gerontology from Virginia Commonwealth University in addition to a certificate in infection control and prevention from the University of Virginia. She worked on a pediatric med-surg unit at Hampton General Hospital in addition to roles with the Veterans Administration and Hospice of Central Virginia. In 2022, she is semi-retired, working two days a week in infection prevention. She loves reading medical mystery and espionage novels, teaching Sunday school and Bible study, and volunteering at a nursing home. She has two daughters and two grandchildren and lives in Chesterfield, VA with her husband.

Sherry Sye Kolbe lives in Towson, MD and received her BSN from the University of Maryland. For 10 years, she worked as a community health nurse with Baltimore City and then spent 20 years with the Baltimore County Department of Aging. For the final 10 years of her career, she was a program manager with the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) and educated the public about all facets of Medicare. Sherry enjoys being a grandmother, playing bridge, and continuing to volunteer with SHIP.

Class of 1971 Updates:

Janet Amendt Girard is currently enjoying retirement and spending time with her six grandchildren. Janet worked in ambulatory care for 40 years.

Janice May Jezyk is still working as a nurse. She assists with collecting data and blood samples for an National Institutes of Health study on drugs used in children. She also assists in documenting quality and risk data on adult patients with chronic conditions for a family practice office. In her free time, she enjoys native plant gardening, enjoying
and taking care of her backyard pond, quilting, and of course her grandchildren. 

Janice Wright Kilby is retired. She enjoys going to the beach, looking for shark teeth, traveling, and reading. She is on two boards in development. She has also received her master’s and multiple certifications. Unfortunately, Janice’s husband recently passed from Agent Orange/Vietnam after a long battle and she is still adjusting after 50 years of marriage. 

Joan Monchak Lorenz is currently retired but is active in knitting baby sweaters to sell at a local artisan shop, landscaping her small but high-maintenance property, playing with her almost 4-year-old grandson, trying new recipes, or traveling to visit loved ones. 

Nancy Rees MacKenzie volunteers two days a week at a local cat shelter and, pre-pandemic, volunteered one day a week at a local elementary school. She enjoys gardening, hiking, snowshoeing, exploring Oregon, and spending time with her family, especially her 3-year-old granddaughter. 

Pamela Magnuson is still working at a nursing school, typically working one-on-one with students. After graduation, she earned her BSN from the University of Washington with joining Sigma Theta Tau and a nomination for Dean’s Medalist Award. She knits, enjoys music, and attends concerts and theater. In 2003, she survived a stroke and had a heart transplant while being a single parent to her children. 

Roxanne Mushok Nelson enjoys her retired life with her husband in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She looks forward to resuming her travels in the near future, volunteering as a librarian in their retirement community library, and enjoying the antics of their cat, Rufus. 

Barbara Bernhard Scharf enjoys caring for her grandchildren, yoga, and quilting. She obtained an MSN/MPH at Hunter College and a PhD at the University of Maryland. Her research examined nursing from an occupational health perspective and family support at end-of-life care. She is living with her husband, Steve, and has four grandchildren.

Class of 1972 Updates:

Anita Rauch Betschart is currently working part-time for a staffing agency as an escort nurse for school field trips, flu shot clinics, and wellness fairs. As soon as COVID retreats, Anita hopes to return to Haiti for her ninth trip since 2009 as part of a volunteer medical team. She enjoys watching her grandkids, knitting, quilting, gardening, and volunteering at her church. It’s been more than 50 years as a nurse and Anita still enjoys doing what she does.

Virginia M. Boyle is retired and is currently volunteering with her church. She goes to nursing homes, decorates the altar, and is a food runner for soup kitchens. Virginia was an ER nurse in NYC, Virginia Beach, and Long Branch, NJ. Her final position was as a home hospice case manager. 

Wendy Peek Davis has worked in intensive care, med-surg, OB, and in the OR after her BSN. After obtaining her MSN, she became a family nurse practitioner and is still practicing until retirement. Wendy participates in volunteer activities at her church and enjoys quilting, knitting, and reading. She has three wonderful children, with their spouses and 13 grandchildren. 

Maureen Kane Parkhurst has been a nurse for 41 years at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She likes to read and has done a lot of traveling in and out of the country with her husband. 

Susan K. Sell Partusch enjoys reading, swimming, playing tennis, walking, and traveling. She is an active member of the Oncology Nursing Society. Oncology was her main career path after nursing school. 

Mary Jarrett Saubert is active with her local Organ Transplant Support Group. Mary and her husband spend winters at their vacation home in San Felipe, Mexico, where she enjoys giving back to the local people in San Felipe. Mary has been nominated three times for Nurse of the Year for the state of Indiana and has written a small book about some of her organ transplant recipient patients.

Judy Jones Sisk volunteers for a free medical clinic for the uninsured population. Additionally, she volunteers for Golden Retriever Rescue and facilitates vet care for foster animals. She enjoys gardening, reading, and training her dogs. Her achievements include being a mother and being recognized by her peers and the community with several oncology awards. 

Elaine Davis Soyars enjoys traveling, reading, swimming, and volunteering at a free clinic. She is currently working part time in a home health care setting. She raised a family to successful adulthood and has taken them to Bolivia to work as missionaries for several years. She has managed health care for these missionaries and volunteered as a school nurse during that time. 

Cynthia Sweigart Strube is currently retired. She received her BSED at Millersville University in Millersville, PA after graduating at Hopkins.

In Memoriam

Lucia Kelso Adlfinger, ’44
Doris Armstrong, ’57, (Education) ’69, (Honorary) ’70
Jeffery C. Baldwin, ’94, ’14
Diane Demarest Becker, ’64, ’78, (BSPH) ’79, (BSPH) ’84
Norma T. Brough, ’80
Johanna Petree Dilworth, ’52
Eileen Timms Doll ’70, (Carey) ’94
Lois Messler Gustafson, ’61
Carol Nelson Inz, ’58
Patricia Berry Kalvestrand, ’57
Theodora Colantonio Kares, ’81, (Education) ’86
Nancy J. Kelley, ’70
Wendy A. Kimmel, ’64
Louise Johnson King, ’52
Nancy Hastings Klein, ’68
Mary Lou Dailydas Perin, ’64
Margaret Roth Piercy, ’63
Barbara Hall Richardson, ’58
Geraldine Ann Waybright Settle, ’51
Lynette Centofanti Sisson, ’70
Sandra L. Snyder, ’68
Jane Buettner Stevick, ’63
Amelia Poole Sudderth, ’62
Lois Hutchinson Surgenor, ’46
Elizabeth Raab Williams, ’56

We deeply regret our error in posting of the passing of Reshma V. Jhaveri, ’11 in the 2019 issue. We sincerely apologize to Reshma and her family for this incorrect announcement.

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