What Makes the MSN (Entry into Nursing) Program Unique?

What Makes the MSN (Entry into Nursing) Program Unique?

The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing remains a top-ranked nursing school, but there are many paths available to students for their nursing education.

So the question remains: what makes the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing unique?


We take on health inequity

Embedded in the school’s mission, you will find an effort to address health inequities through a public health lens. Our MSN (Entry into Nursing) students start with a Community Outreach to Underserved Communities in Urban Baltimore course and complete the program with a Population and Public Health Nursing clinical rotation, public health themes continue to be woven throughout the program’s curriculum, as well as in the work of our doctoral students, faculty, and community partners.


We pride ourselves on interprofessional education

As the health care landscape evolves, our MSN (Entry into Nursing) program continues to prepare students not only for today’s health care setting but the future of nursing too. We pride ourselves on the interprofessional education our students have access to within a few blocks of our front door. Students continue to explore the importance of health professions with students from our own School of Medicine and Notre Dame University of Maryland School of Pharmacy as they learn how to work together to provide a better patient care experience through the Daniels IPE Scholars Program.


Students can explore nursing opportunities outside the classroom

Many entry into nursing programs are accelerated, but we have also strategically curated a program that allows students to gain exposure to the vast nursing field outside of the classroom without adding heavily to the course load. Whether through SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center), shadowing experience, or through a partnership with a faculty or Ph.D. student on their research team, you will have the opportunities to broaden your perspective of what the field of nursing has to offer and where you see yourself contributing to change in the field.

The MSN Entry into Nursing program allows you to make your passion for nursing a reality while also gathering tools and knowledge to challenge the current health care landscape. Whether you see yourself as a future nurse leader, nurse researcher, or nurse advocate, you have the resources to do so at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.


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Brandon LeBlanc serves as the Assistant Director for (MSN Entry into Nursing) Recruitment at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. He has a passion for helping student’s bring life-long goals to life. Feel free to contact him with any questions regarding our nursing programs at 410-502-4132 or [email protected].

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