Second Career Nurses on Two-Career Tuesday

Sydnee Logan
By Sydnee Logan  | 
Second Career Nurses on Two-Career Tuesday

It’s two-career Tuesday, (2/22/2022 Tuesday!) so check out these soon-to-be nurses who have made it to their second career!

Even in challenging times, nursing is a great career choice. Nurses have been the most trusted profession for 20 years, and registered nurses and three advanced practice nurse specialties are among U.S. News & World Report’s “best jobs,” with nurse practitioners taking the no. one spot.


Here are stories of 12 MSN (Entry Into Nursing) students who came to nursing after a first (and very different) career.


Elena O’Shea

Here’s a photo from my time working on a salmon fishing boat in Alaska!


Marcus Dyson

Before enrolling into Johns Hopkins’ MSN (Entry into Nursing) program, I served four years in the United States Air Force doing logistics. I decided to become a nurse because veterans, military personnel, and servicemembers alike pay the ultimate sacrifice, and our community deserves the best patient care possible. My nursing journey at Hopkins reinforced in me a powerful, fundamental truth: people are human, not a random number.


Mijung Kim

I used to work as a fashion designer and fashion stylist from 1998 through 2008, in Seoul, Korea, Hong Kong, and New York City. And, being an artist, I have had some exhibitions and art shows. Here’s a photo of masks I made during the pandemic.


Katelyn Dooley

Prior to nursing, I was a media producer for a small news station!


Karli McGuiness

I used to tour with bands as an event producer for concert tours and music festivals. Pictured is me in front of Neil Young’s tour bus. I’m graduating from the MSN (Entry Into Nursing) program in May and I’ve never looked back!


Hepsibah Effange

I worked as a United Nations Volunteer working as a Human Rights Officer in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Noa Lin 

I used to be a ballet dancer before coming to nursing school. I studied classical Russian ballet for roughly 10 years and competed in international competitions in New York City!


Kara Leonard

I worked at Fannie Mae as a Financial Analyst in Capital Markets for almost 5 years before switching to Nursing. I learned a lot about the intricacies of the secondary mortgage market but I wanted to have a more direct impact on the lives of people. I grew up witnessing the power of caregivers since my father was a doctor, and I know how valuable and rewarding a career in nursing can be.


Becky Radolf

I used to be a sommelier (wine expert). I worked for seven years in the New York City restaurant industry right up until the pandemic. In this picture, I had just finished pouring for an event featuring women winemakers of Bordeaux.


Carolina Escobar

I was an Area Manager at Amazon for five years; my favorite part was working on the loading dock alongside my team!


Caitlin Hubbard

I was a candy scientist for the last seven years! My undergrad degree was in food science. 


Jaime Masek

I worked in entertainment marketing for years prior to nursing


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Sydnee Logan, MA is the Sr. Social Media and Digital Content Specialist for Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. She shares Hopkins Nurses with the world.

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