The Best Blogs of 2021

Sydnee Logan
By Sydnee Logan  | 
The Best Blogs of 2021

Nurses were forever changed the moment the Coronavirus pandemic began. And yet, ever forward. At the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing we persisted, we welcomed new programs, new students, and even a new Dean, Dr. Sarah Szanton.

So here are the editor’s picks of the most insightful, heartfelt, and all-around best blogs of 2021 that show off what makes our community so special.


#13: The Bridge to Nurse Executive

Meet the first students in the inaugural Post-Master’s Healthcare Organizational Leadership Certificate program that acts as a bridge to the DNP Executive track: Jane Powell, Eileen Pummer and Jamie Gebel.

By: Sydnee Logan, MA


#12: How Can Our Patients Be Human If We Aren’t?

We dehumanize ourselves to thrive in a taxing profession, but is this coping method contributing to the patient-provider disconnect? 

By: Dawnyshia Griffin, MSN (Entry Into Nursing) student


#11: Death and Dying, with Cultural Humility

All health care workers are charged with providing culturally responsive care, but developing this skillset requires a commitment to a long-term process. We can look to principles associated with cultural humility as practical guidelines.

By: Emily Vo, MSN, RN, and Jonathan Suen, AuD, PhD(c)


#10: Take-Charge Nurse

Master’s Entry/ROTC path makes Tanzania Guest a first—and she’s only just begun to lead.

By: Steven St. Angelo

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#9: A Platform for Greater Impact

If we dig into the anatomy of Sarah Szanton, PhD, ANP, FAAN, we will find deeply rooted the understanding that the world isn’t just unfair, it’s structured unfairly. 

By: Sydnee Logan, MA


#8: Mentoring the Next Generation of Black Nurse Researchers

In 2019’s “What Makes a Mentor,” we learned that Dr. Yvonne Commodore Mensah (from Ghana) and Dr. Carmen Alvarez (from Belize) share a mentor in Dr. Lisa Cooper, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor (who is from Liberia). Now they guide the next generation of emerging scientists—with special interest toward mentees of color.

By: Sydnee Logan, MA


#7: Childhood Cancer Survivors May Face Neurocognitive Challenges. Johns Hopkins’ SUCCESS Lab Works to Ensure They Receive a Quality Education

If it takes a village to raise a child, then raising a child who has cancer takes a small city.

By: Clifton Thornton, PhD(c), MSN, RN, CPNP


#6: One Year of Coronavirus

As we reflect on a year of challenges and hard-won victories, here are some highlights from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

By: Sydnee Logan, MA


#5: Juneteenth: Uncovering the Hidden Figures of Nursing

From Nightingale on, White nurses have been central to the story of the nursing profession—with the substantial contribution of Black nurses missing from nursing textbooks and history.

By: Nia Josiah, MSN, RN


#4: Heavy Reading

Diversity, equity, and inclusion can’t be authentically incorporated into curricula when faculty assign textbooks that harm those whose health they seek to protect.

By: Angie Deng, MSN, RN, and Ruth-Alma Turkson-Ocran, PhD, MPH, RN, FNP-BC


#3: Advice from Black Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners

The world, and then Americans, and in particular Black Americans and Black nurses… went through a lot last year. There is a deep demand for psychiatric mental health nurses. And we need diverse nurses who understand the unique stress of the populations they serve.

By: Sydnee Logan, MA


#2: The Handoff Is Here

Dean Patricia Davidson reminded us that life is a series of handoffs. As she departs, here is a look at what she’s handing over.

By: Sydnee Logan, MA


#1: Nurses are the “Most Trusted Profession” for 19 Years in a Row

In a 2020 Gallup poll, nurses ranked No. 1 as most honest and ethical profession. We’re looking at you 2022!


Honorable mention: Meet our community!



Sydnee Logan, MA is the Sr. Social Media and Digital Content Specialist for Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. She shares Hopkins Nurses with the world.

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