The Next New Path

Fall 2021 As Seen in Our Fall 2021 Issue
The Next New Path

In the life of a school, there are years of planning, years of building, and some years where you hope it all comes to fruition. This year, thanks to the amazing work of our school, was a year of fruition. Even though COVID-19 presented challenges, difficulties, and tremendous loss, we continued to work together to make 2021 filled with successes, like the grand opening of our new building, the installation of four endowed chairs, and students, faculty, and staff receiving numerous awards.

As new dean, I know these achievements are a result of our community and the successful leadership of my predecessors, who set their sights high and far into what the future of our school would be. I am overwhelmed with pride and enthusiasm that I have the opportunity to follow in their footsteps and forge the next new path in our successful and mission-driven school. 

In my vision, some of which is shared in this issue, I will not only be building on the school’s already strong foundation, but also listening and learning from you—our students, staff, faculty, alumni, friends, and supporters—to use your expertise and partnership to raise the health of the nation and create nursing leaders who are committed to social justice and health equity and see people where they are in their context.

As I introduce our Fall 2021 issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing, I want to thank you for reading our magazine and being invested in our school. This publication showcases who we are and what we stand for. It is a beacon of thought leadership and connection to colleagues and friends around the world. I hope you are inspired by the stories of resilience, compassion, determination, and leadership that fill the pages. They make me proud and ever eager for what’s yet to come in our bright future.

Sarah L. Szanton
Dean, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
Patricia M. Davidson Professor of Health Equity & Social Justice

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