Beyond Resilience: The Class of 2021

Sydnee Logan
By Sydnee Logan  | 
Beyond Resilience:  The Class of 2021

“Eight and a half weeks into your first semester, we transitioned to online learning. We anticipated a few weeks, but quickly realized that it would last much longer,” said Dr. Laura Lucas, keynote speaker.


The only way to go was onward.

“From the onset, we were told to have a resilience plan. We didn’t know it would be tested time and again in our program, pandemic and in the fight for racial equity in health care,” said student speaker Lorraine Odango. “We came out of our program better prepared to care for patients, to advocate for our patients and ourselves, and to fight for racial equity.”

The class of 2021 is off into the world better prepared than any that came before it. In the words of Interim Dean Marie Nolan, “The health care system will be even stronger and more equitable in the future because of you.”


Photos from August 2021 Graduation

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