Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, the Resilient Nurses Initiative of Maryland partnered with WikiWisdom to create the Frontline Nurses WikiWisdom Forum. It collected resilience insights from 270 practicing nurses, nursing students, and educators; their words are reflected in five key recommendations in “Mind the Gap: Preparing Nurses to Practice with Resilience & Integrity,” which is now available.

It’s time for a new paradigm in nursing education, one that prepares nurses as individuals and as a profession to find their voice, honor their contributions, and support one another so they may meet their challenges with resilience and integrity.

The future of the profession depends upon it.

“R3: Renewal, Resilience and Retention Initiative in Maryland Nurses,” a Maryland Higher Education Commission NSPII grant, seeks to integrate Mind The Gap’s recommendations, and other information, systematically into nursing education across Maryland.


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Mind The Gap panel:

Thought leaders of the Frontline Nurses WikiWisdom Forum discuss “Mind the Gap: Preparing Nurses to Practice with Resilience & Integrity” on a Facebook Live panel.

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