Spring 2021 Class News

Spring 2021 As Seen in Our Spring 2021 Issue
Spring 2021 Class News

Congratulations to School of Nursing Alumni who have recently been inducted as fellows of the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN):

Melissa O’Connor, ’13 Certificate (Applied Health Informatics)
Melissa O’Connor is associate professor at Villanova University’s M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing. From Villanova: “[Her] work aims to aid geriatric health care providers in clinical decision making and care management and, in parallel, helps the elder age in place in the community.”

Jennifer J. Hatzfeld, PhD ’09
Jennifer Hatzfield is a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force and served in the Nurse Corps. She won the Outstanding Nurse Researcher Dean’s Award in 2019.

Jingjing Shang, PhD ’09
Jingjing Shang is a professor at Columbia University School of Nursing. The “main focus of [her] research seeks to understand how best to promote quality patient outcomes and improve nursing services in the home health care setting.”

Rachel Walker, BSN ’07, PhD ’13
Rachel Walker is an associate professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Nursing and its PhD Program director. Walker completed a postdoctoral fellowship in 2014 at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Science and the Center for Innovative Care in Aging.

Mary L. Blankson, DNP ’15
Mary Blankson is CNO of the Community Health Center and Weitzman Institute in Connecticut. “She has demonstrated outstanding leadership in her role as the chief nurse officer of the Community Health Center Inc. and has also become a national leader in [helping] health care organizations transform their model of care toward one that is team based, data driven, and patient centric.”

Tonya Schneidereith, PhD ’03
Tonya Schneidereith is associate professor at George Washington University School of Nursing and CEO of Simpl Simulation, a consulting firm specializing in the unique needs of simulation-based education.

Note: The induction of SON faculty and alumni Kristen Brown and Andrew Benson as FAANs was announced in the Fall 2020 issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing, as was that of Congresswoman Lauren Underwood of Illinois.

JHAA 2020 Award Recipients

  • Reginald Bannerman, ’97, ’99, ’03 – Distinguished Alumnus Award
  • Lou Bartolo, ’18 – Outstanding Recent Graduate Award
  • Karen Combs, ’70 – Heritage Award
  • Lucia Diaz, ’09, ’09 – Community Champion Award
  • Pandora Hardtman, ’96 – Global Achievement Award
  • Pauline Karikari-Martin, ’99 – Woodrow Wilson Award
  • Professor Phyllis Sharps – Community Champion Award

Johns Hopkins In Memoriam

Esther Granger Hetzler ’56
Anne E. Kistler ’65
Rosemarie K. Eyre-Walker Link ’60, ’65
Martha Toole Harvey ’56
Charlotte B. Lockner ’55
Ann Carol Parker Parks ’55

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