Building Blocks

Spring 2021 As Seen in Our Spring 2021 Issue
Building Blocks

New DAR leader sees achievement of new school wing as start of something bigger

From just outside her office, Sharon Trivino can look across a revitalized Courtyard at a gleaming new structure that has transformed the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing into an even more powerful magnet for new students and global research. In the reflection of its glass exterior she sees this, yes, but also new possibilities for bringing together all those who have called the East Baltimore campus home since many decades before ground was broken for the new space.

The wing represents another pinnacle of success for the school, which finds itself in solid fiscal shape despite a pandemic that left East Baltimore—and the Pinkard addition—largely empty. As new associate dean for Development and Alumni Relations, Trivino can gaze out, acknowledge the sweet starting point she finds herself at, and then ask herself, OK, what is ‘up’ from here?

“There are so many reasons why the school is at the top of its game … the incredible faculty, students, and staff, and bold vision and leadership from Dean Davidson. I am really humbled to join this school,” explains Trivino.

“There is tremendous opportunity to continue growing philanthropic support and engagement, especially at a time when the nursing profession has gained such visibility and much deserved appreciation throughout the pandemic. I am really excited to help connect alumni and friends with opportunities to support our mission in ways that are meaningful to them.”

It is a delicate dance, cultivating and celebrating the intense loyalty and friendship toward JHSON among its alumni while insuring the school’s fiscal stability into the future—by asking those same graduates to fund scholarships and otherwise financially support betterment of faculty, student recruitment, curriculum, opportunity, and then continue to house the student body in a learning center beyond compare. It is also, of course, rewarding as heck. And those friendships made last literally a lifetime.

“One of the greatest parts of my job is building relationships to the institution, and seeing donors recognize the impact that they can have through their engagement and philanthropy,” she says. “It is really incredible and inspiring to see highly engaged alumni connect back to the school to support future generations of nursing leaders following in their footsteps.”

“We are incredibly excited to welcome Sharon Trivino to the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing,” says Dean Patricia Davidson, PhD, MEd, RN, FAAN. “At this critically important time in health care, her experience, drive, and creativity will help our school expand partnerships, locally and globally, and further our commitment to student and alumni success, nursing education, and the profession.”

Trivino most recently served as director of Development and Alumni Relations at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. During her five years at the school, she oversaw its direct fundraising efforts, collaborated with senior leadership, worked closely with its volunteer boards, contributed to diversity and inclusion efforts, and launched programs including regional clubs and affinity networks. She was also recipient of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Innovator Award for her outstanding work in leading a student engagement and philanthropy initiative.

She earned a bachelor of arts degree from Princeton University and a master of business administration from Columbia Business School.

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