2020 DAISY Awards

Fall 2020 As Seen in Our Fall 2020 Issue
2020 DAISY Awards

The DAISY Award recognizes Johns Hopkins Hospital nurses for skilled, compassionate care that goes far beyond the call of duty

February 2020 | Stefanie Ness

Stefanie Ness’s DAISY was awarded virtually—not due to COVID-19 but rather to another reason to celebrate—Ness was home on maternity leave. She was nominated for the DAISY Award by a mother who had felt completely overwhelmed by a scary, unexpected diagnosis for her daughter as well as the vast amount of information, treatment options, and medications. From the nomination letter: “Stefanie touched our lives at the moment we needed it most, and helped us more than she knows.”

March 2020 | Allison Green

The DAISY Award highlighted the compassion and dedication of Allison Green, from the Medical Progressive Care Unit, Nelson 5. In just one instance, Green chose to stay hours into the next shift to make sure both a patient and family were supported through the end-of-life process. Green ensured this devastating situation could be met with kindness and support through the care she provided. From the nomination letter: “Allison … provided this patient and family with a dignified death for their loved one.”

Spring 2020 | Stephanie Zero

COVID-19 has led to countless changes, and nurses and other staff members have had to quickly adapt in response to the pandemic. Stephanie Zero, a nurse on the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), did more than just adapt to these changes, she embraced them. Zero was nominated by a colleague for her dedication and exemplary leadership as the PICU transitioned to care for critically ill adults as well. She went above and beyond to educate her fellow PICU staff members and helped make sure the unit was prepped with the necessary resources. From the nomination letter: “I am so thankful that Stephanie stepped up for our unit and I think every single patient that we receive in this new unit will be safer and better cared for directly because of Stephanie Zero.”

For questions about the DAISY Award or to nominate a nurse, contact [email protected].

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