Your MSN (Entry Into Nursing) Application Needs Another Set of Eyes

Your MSN (Entry Into Nursing) Application Needs Another Set of Eyes

Do you feel like you are working on your admissions application alone?

Not sure who to turn to when you need someone to check over your essay, or wondering how your resume should look?

Well, I am happy to help guide you through this process, and my advice is to make sure that you have an extra set of eyes on your application before you submit. Why? Because another set of eyes can catch what you may miss, especially when you have reviewed your application over and over again. For example, “When I was abducted into the National Honor Society…” Hmmm, well no one wants to be abducted into anything! “When I was inducted into the National Honor Society…” Ahh, much better!

So who do you ask to review your application and essay?

You could ask the same folks who wrote your recommendations or the mentor who encouraged you to apply to our program. Do you have a colleague you trust or a supervisor you have a great relationship with? Poke them to see if they would be willing to read over your application and essays before you make the final submission. It’s important to start your application early so you have time to make the proper edits and updates and, the application you submit provides us with the best version of the information you want us to see.

Wishing you the best of luck as you complete your application, and we cannot wait to learn all about you! Keep your eyes open for more tips from the Admissions Office, and take advantage of our advice as you continue to navigate the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing application process.

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Ashley White is Assistant Director for Diversity Initiatives at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Contact her at 410-955-7791 or [email protected].

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