Summer 2020 Research Highlights

Summer 2020 Research Highlights


Recent scholarly publications from faculty and students of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

*Asterisk denotes lead author


COVID-19: Shedding Light on Racial and Health Inequities in the United States,” Diana Baptiste*,  Yvonne Commodore-Mensah, Kamila Alexander, Patty Wilson, Janelle Akomah, Phyllis Sharps, Lisa Cooper & colleague — Journal of Clinical Nursing

Developing a National Strategy for SARS-CoV-2 Serosurveys in the United States,” Jason Farley & colleagues — Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

Recommendations for a Metropolitan COVID-19 Response—Special Area of Emphasis: Guidance on Protecting Individuals Residing in Long-term Care Facilities,” Diane Meyer*, Sarah LaFave, Alice Bonner, Cynthia Boyd, Jennifer Wolf — Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Tracheostomy in the COVID-19 Era: Global and Multidisciplinary Guidance,” Vinciya Pandian & colleagues — The Lancet

National Action Plan for Expanding and Adapting the Healthcare System for the Duration of the COVID Pandemic,” Tener Veenema & colleagues — Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Implications for Cardiovascular and Socially At-risk Populations,” Cheryl Dennison Himmelfarb* and Diana Baptiste — Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

A Blueprint for Leadership During COVID-19: Minimizing Burnout and Moral Distress Among the Nursing Workforce,” Cynda Rushton & colleagues — Nursing Management


Integrating Culturally Competent Advance Care Planning for Korean Immigrants: An Integrative review,” Sojung Suk, Sharon Kozachik & Valerie Cotter — Palliative Care in Minority Populations

Outpatient Palliative Care in Heart Failure: An Integrative Review,” Lyndsay DeGroot*, Binu Koirala, Noelle Pavlovic, Katie Nelson, Jerilyn Allen, Patricia Davidson, & Martha Abshire — Journal of Palliative Medicine

Recommendations to Leverage the Palliative Nursing Role During COVID-19 and Future Public Health Crises,” Patricia Davidson & colleagues – Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing


Advance Care Planning in Chronically Ill Persons Diagnosed With Heart Failure or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: An Integrative Review,” Molly Williams*, Sharon Kozachik, Mohana Karlekar, and Rebecca Wright — American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Assessment of Hypertension Self-care Behaviors and Self-efficacy Among Men in Saudi Arabia,” Hae-Ra Han & colleagues — Journal of Nursing Measurement

The Self-care of Heart Failure Index: A Psychometric Study,” Binu Koirala*, Chakra Budhathoki, Cheryl Dennison-Himmelfarb, Patricia Davidson & colleague — Journal of Clinical Nursing


Parent Involvement in Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Programs: an Integrative Review,” Kelly Bower*, Maisa Nimer, Deborah Gross & colleague — Prevention Science

What Is Parent Engagement in Early Learning? Depends Who You Ask,” Deborah Gross*, Amie Bettencourt, Kathryn Taylor, Lucine Francis, Kelly Bower & colleague — Journal of Child and Family Studies

Disentangling Race, Poverty, and Place to Understand the Racial Disparity in Waist Circumference Among Women,” Kelly Bower*, Laura Samuel, Kelly Gleason & colleagues — Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

Health Literacy and Outcomes of a Community-based Self-help Intervention: A Case of Korean Americans With Type 2 Diabetes,” Hae-Ra Han & colleagues — Nursing Research


Initiating Conversations About HIV Prevention,” Jason Farley* — Clinical Advisor

Nurse Case Management to Improve the Hepatitis C Care Continuum in HIV Co-infection: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial,” Laura Starbird*, Chakra Budhathoki, Hae-Ra Han, Nancy Reynolds & Jason Farley — Journal of Viral Hepatitis

Microenterprise Intervention to Reduce Sexual Risk Behaviors and Increase Employment and HIV Preventive Practices Among Economically‑Vulnerable African‑American Young Adults (EMERGE): A Feasibility Randomized Clinical Trial,” Nancy Glass & colleagues — AIDS and Behavior


Exploring Health Literacy and the Correlates of Pap Testing Among African Immigrant Women: Findings from the Afropap Study,” Joycelyn Cudjoe*, Chakra Budhathoki, Phyllis Sharps, Hae-Ra Han & colleagues — Journal of Cancer Education

Psychosocial Interventions for Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer: An Integrative Review,” Clifton Thornton*, Sharon Kozachik & colleague — Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing

Mental Health

Don’t Forget the Caregiver: The Importance of Assessing Family Members After Suicide Attempts,” Catherine Ling* — Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services

High IL-6 in Military Personnel Relates to Multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder,” Tamar Rodney*, Nancy Perrin & colleagues — Behavioural Brain Research

Leading the Way to Professional Well-being,” Cynda Rushton & colleague — The American Nurse


Prevalence of Pre-Existing Hearing Loss Among Patients With Drug-resistant Tuberculosis in South Africa,” Hyejeong Hong*, Chakra Budhathoki, Hae-Ra Han, Jason Farley & colleagues — American Journal of Audiology

Aminoglycoside-induced Hearing Loss Among Patients Being Treated For Drug-resistant Tuberculosis In South Africa: A Prediction Model,” Hyejeong Hong*, Chakra Budhathoki, Hae-Ra Han, Jason Farley & colleagues — Clinical Infectious Diseases

Hearing Care Across the Life Course Provided in the Community,” Jonathan Suen* & colleagues —Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Hearing Loss, Loneliness, and Social Isolation: A Systematic Review,” Jonathan Suen & colleagues —Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery


Views of Regulatory Authorities on Standards to Assure Quality in Online Nursing Education,” Sabianca Delva*, Manka Nkimbeng, Sotera Chow, Susan Renda, Hae-Ra Han, and Rita D’Aoust — Nursing Outlook

Development of the Condensed Heuristic Academic Research Model (CHARM) Framework for Short-term Nursing Research Groups,” Clifton Thornton*, Emerald Rivers, Christopher Rhodes, Tamar Rodney & colleague — Nursing Outlook

Can Leadership Be Taught?” Sarah Szanton & colleagues — Journal for Nurse Practitioners

Social Media and Drug Resistance in Nursing Training: Using a Twitterchat to Develop an International Community of Practice for Antimicrobial Resistance,” Rebecca Wright*, Patricia Davidson & colleagues — Journal of Clinical Nursing


The Intersection of Maternal Morbidity and Mortality and Intimate Partner Violence in the United States,” Jacquelyn Campbell, Phyllis Sharps & colleagues — Current Women`s Health Reviews

Longitudinal Impacts of an Online Safety and Health Intervention for Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence: Randomized Controlled Trial,” Nancy Perrin, James Case, Nancy Glass & colleagues —BMC Public Health

Effectiveness of the Common Elements Treatment Approach (CETA) in Reducing Intimate Partner Violence and Hazardous Alcohol Use in Zambia (VATU): A Randomized Controlled Trial,” Nancy Glass & colleagues — Plos Medicine

Safety Decision-making and Planning Mobile App for Intimate Partner Violence Prevention and Response: Randomised Controlled Trial in Kenya,” Michele Decker*, Rachel Kennedy, Nancy Perrin, James Case, Amber Clough, Nancy Glass & colleagues — BMJ Global Health

Reproductive Coercion, Intimate Partner Violence, and Unintended Pregnancy Among Latina Women,” Karen Trister Grace*, Michele Decker, Kamila Alexander, Jacquelyn Campbell, Nancy Perrin, Nancy Glass & colleague — Journal of Interpersonal Violence


Pilot Outcomes of a Multicomponent Fall Risk Program Integrated into Daily Lives of Community-dwelling Older Adults,” Sarah Szanton*, Minhui Liu, Melissa Hladek, Sarah LaFave, Katherine Marx, Safiyyah Okoye, Xuan Zhang, Svetlana Bautista & colleagues — Journal of Applied Gerontology

Caregiver Reactions to Aggressive Behaviors in Persons with Dementia in a Diverse Community-dwelling Sample,” Bryan Hansen*, Chakra Buthadhoki & colleagues — Journal of Applied Gerontology

Perspective—Maintaining the Quality of Life in Depopulating Communities: Expanding Smart Sensing via a Novel Power Supply,” Sarah Szanton & colleagues — Journal of the Electrochemical Society

Global Health

Comparative Effectiveness of an Economic Empowerment Program on Adolescent Economic Assets, Education and Health in a Humanitarian Setting,” Nancy Glass*, Rachael Turner, Nancy Perrin & colleagues — BMC Public Health

Advocates’ Experiences with Media and the Impact of Media on Human Trafficking Advocacy,” Mona Shattell & colleagues — Journal of Interpersonal Violence

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