Davidson and Shattell are American Nurse Influencers

Davidson and Shattell are American Nurse Influencers

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Dean Patricia Davison and Dr. Mona Shattell, associate dean for faculty development, are the newest Nurse Influencers of the American Nurse Journal. In their column “Inside Nursing,” they will share their views on health care trends, current events, and their nursing research and experience.

Dean Davidson’s first post was on the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife during COVID-19 and how nurses should keep perspective during this unprecedented time.

Now, in Dr. Shattell’s first post, she discusses truck drivers and how coronavirus is impacting their profession, which is already at higher risk for disease and injury.

Check out their column, and follow Hopkins Nursing on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see their latest posts.

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