Welcome Arrival

Welcome Arrival

Amid all of the uncertainty, upset, and genuine danger of the COVID-19 outbreak—and stories of life-saving nurses and medical teams and everyday heroes in the middle of it—the excitement over a new issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing magazine can feel a bit frivolous. And yet here we are. And here it is, at least in a digital format. The paper copies are in the mail to subscribers around the nation (a note on that in a moment), but the supply of them that we happily share around the school, with guests, and out at conferences to represent our school is currently in storage awaiting our return to regular workdays at the Pinkard Building.

For so many modern readers, the website version or the pdf is far more convenient anyway and will work great. This, then, is all the welcome you’ll need to the Spring 2020 issue. For those dinosaurs like us who look forward to their paper copy’s arrival, thank you for your patience and continued readership. For everyone, here’s a sneak peek:

A look at Chao Hsing Yeh’s successful research on auricular point acupressure as an alternative to opioids in treating pain, side effects of cancer treatments, and other ills. Also: Much more from the researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (SON).

You’ll meet three students—Jarvia Meggett of the Master’s (Entry into Nursing) Program, Neysa Ernst (DNP Executive), and Max Thayer (PhD) who took very different paths to the SON and have thrived. The pdf gives the pictures by photographer Chris Hartlove their full due and is worth a look.

There is also the regular news from around the school, from alumni, and from the Department of Nursing at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Oh, and we’re No. 1 again for 2021, something we will embrace more fully when face-to-face celebrating is safe once more.

Now, a note on subscriptions: Getting the magazine to the printer safely and on time meant cutting off our new subscriber list far too early for many of you who signed up to receive it. Please accept our apologies, download the pdf version, and we’ll work to get you on the list for the next paper issue, Fall 2020. Summer 2020 will again be online only, but we hope—as of this writing—it’ll come with a few cool updates, including a revamped website.

Until then, be well.

Steve St. Angelo is editor of Johns Hopkins Nursing magazine.

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