Latest JHH DAISY Award Winners

Spring 2020 As Seen in Our Spring 2020 Issue
Latest JHH DAISY Award Winners

The DAISY Award recognizes Johns Hopkins Hospital nurses for skilled, compassionate care that goes far beyond the call of duty.

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January 2020 | Cindy Ryan

Cindy Ryan’s care for one patient was so extraordinary, it not only led the patient’s husband to nominate her for a DAISY Award, it also inspired him want to “become a team member in such a loving hospital.” The heartwarming nomination letter illustrates Ryan’s natural ability to help a patient open up, trust, and, most importantly, heal. “Mrs. Cindy is not just helping her get well and recover, but also helped her to recognize life is worth living and to love doing so,” the letter reads.

December 2019 | Kellie Le

On any given night, pediatric emergency nurse Kellie Le may care for a number of patients and families in distress. However, her impact on one new mother made such an impression that it earned her a DAISY Award. “Her heart is so pure and you absolutely, without a doubt, know her passion is for nursing and children. She checked in on us, and me, frequently. She not only explained everything she was doing but offered that I come and watch so that I felt comfortable with everything that was going on.”

November 2019 | Yesenia Eisenhardt

After a long, challenging shift, Eisenhardt stayed well beyond her departure time to console a patient. She was nominated by a fellow nurse who witnessed the act of grace and compassion: “Yesenia found enough in herself left to be a stranger’s emotional anchor for a few more hours—and she gave it. Walking by her that evening and realizing what she was doing, and the emotional and mental fortitude it must have taken to do, it made me want to try harder.”

October 2019 | Lisa Riendeau

A nurse from the Epilepsy Monitor Unit, Zayed 12 East, Lisa Riendeau was nominated by the wife of a patient who described her as “a truly caring and dedicated nurse” and going above and beyond to be “an advocate for my husband.” Not only were all of Riendeau’s colleagues and members of the hospital’s leadership team there to surprise her with the award, the patient and his wife were able to attend as well, which made the celebration that much more meaningful.

September 2019 | Kate Whitney

Hospital stays can be scary and stressful, especially for a high-risk patient who is alone and doesn’t speak English. One such patient in the labor and delivery unit was lucky enough to have Kate Whitney, fluent in Spanish, as her nurse. Not only did Whitney break down barriers during the patient’s stay, “Kate went above and beyond to support this patient, including staying late, washing her hair, and was even considering interrupting her vacation to come in for the patient’s procedure.”

For questions about the DAISY Award or to nominate a nurse, contact [email protected].

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