As the Coronavirus pandemic has clearly demonstrated, nurses provide the bulk of care and assume the brunt of the danger that comes with stemming a worldwide health crisis. It’s times like these that show the overwhelming evidence of why nurses are the world’s most trusted profession, why they should be able to practice to the top of their license, and why they must be recognized as experts within the media.

Nursing Majority—nurses make up nearly half of the world’s health care workforce and provide up to 80 percent of hands-on care. They are the most trusted profession because they provide competent and compassionate care to patients no matter the circumstances, even if they are dire or dangerous. They are the backbone of a health care system that would not function without their critical, hands-on, direct patient interaction

Media Experts—now more than ever, nurses should be used by the media as expert interviewees to help the general public understand the current pandemic and what it means for their own health. Nurses are experts in their field because they have knowledge and experience that is evidence-based through research and centered on frontline patient interaction.

Top Practitioners—nurses need full practice authority in order to perform at the top of their license without physician oversight. By legislating this legal authority, nurse practitioners can evaluate patients, diagnose, order, and interpret diagnostic tests, and initiate and manage treatments, including prescribing medications and controlled substances. Every provider should be utilized to their full scope and capability, including nurses.


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