What Is a Hopkins Nurse? Raji Koppolu

Fall 2019 As Seen in Our Fall 2019 Issue
What Is a Hopkins Nurse? Raji Koppolu

Rajashree (Raji) Koppolu ’02

After completing my first undergraduate degree in biology and child development, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in pediatric health care. My path led me to Johns Hopkins.

Not only did I receive a wonderful education in the fundamentals of nursing, but my experience as a Johns Hopkins nursing student confirmed my passion to work with children and their families. At Johns Hopkins, our professors encouraged us to be active in our community and engage in advocacy efforts for our patients.

Since then, I completed my MSN to become a pediatric nurse practitioner and have had the privilege to care for infants, children, and adolescents in the areas of pediatric cardiology and general surgery. I have actively worked with teams to develop clinical practice guidelines, support program development, and nationally present our work to the larger pediatric community.

As a manager of advanced practice, I advocate for my colleagues working in advanced practice pediatric nursing. In all these roles, I’ve had the opportunity to develop leadership skills, collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, and mentor new graduates and students. I am also passionate about the ways in which health policy impacts the way we provide care to vulnerable populations.

I recently completed a master’s of study in law and was elected president for the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (beginning July 2019). In this role, I hope to lead efforts that have a greater impact on child health and well-being. I am grateful for my foundational education at Johns Hopkins, which not only solidified my commitment to working in pediatrics but also stressed the importance of allowing our collective voice as nurses to be heard.

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