Nursing’s Next Big Idea

Fall 2019 As Seen in Our Fall 2019 Issue
Nursing’s Next Big Idea

The misperceptions are out there.

What nurses do, and don’t do. What they look like. Who they are and why they matter. Like Florence Nightingale in the 1800s, the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing decided to shed a little light.

Nurses are women and men from all backgrounds working at all levels of health systems to save lives, to save money, to improve policy and the patient experience. They are doctors in the lab or in the boardroom. They are caregivers at the bedside, in the helicopter, or in the tent at the scene of an outbreak. Nurses are administering anesthesia in the operating room and providing full medical care in rural or remote areas where physicians are scarce.

To exclude the nursing perspective is to miss an amazing part of the health care story… and the largest part, in fact.

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The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is rewriting the narrative and seeking partners in leading the way to fresh thinking on nursing and its future. Got a big idea for changing the narrative on nursing? Share it with us.

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