Days when words are not enough

Days when words are not enough

A message from Dean Patricia Davidson

Like all of you I woke up this morning in total horror, dismay and am filled with sadness. I ask myself how this can be happening again.  But like many of you I am firmly resolved that this should not be our new normal and we need to take action.  We cannot accept the unacceptable.

For all of us who passionately care about healthcare, equity and social justice we cannot be silent.  Ending gun violence is not a partisan question- it is a public health issue- one on which nurses should stand tall and courageously- just as we stand for health concerns such as the importance of immunization and breastfeeding.

Many people have views on the etiology of the gun violence problem but as we know from our health care practice- complex problems need multiple and multifaceted solutions.   We also know we need to look to evidence based and data driven approaches. I will be convening a forum later this year to help us individually and collectively move from outrage to action.  Outrage is an understandable response but is not a strategy.

At this time I extend my sincere sympathy and condolences to the victims and families of this weekend and the thousands for whom these tragedies evoke painful and traumatic memories. I also recognize the many police, first responders and health care professionals who have given of themselves courageously and selflessly to help others. These acts of humanity are the glimmers of hope in the darkness.  For those of you who need to talk please reach out to our support services.

On these dark days it underscores the significance of the work we do and the importance of individual voices in our democratic process. I will provide you with the details of our forum as they evolve.

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