We are #BaltimoreStrong

We are #BaltimoreStrong

A message from Dean Patricia Davidson

Even as a native-born Australian, it didn’t take long for Baltimore to become my home. So, like many of you, my heart sank when I heard President Trump’s recent negative and thoughtless remarks about the city where we work and live.

At the School of Nursing, community support is not simply part of our strategic mission so that we can help those around us. It is to learn what makes our community vibrant, to immerse ourselves in the soul of our neighborhood, to understand the history of our rich culture, and to start to develop ways we can work together to better ensure fair and equitable health and wellbeing for all. Sometimes, I think we do far less for our community than what we gain in return.

As a school and as a city, we will always have room to improve. But I am proud to live here and to be part of the diverse, innovative, creative, and truly “charming” environment of Baltimore.

President Daniels and Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank wrote in their recent op-ed, “For this and so many reasons we are proud not only to be in Baltimore, but of Baltimore.” And, I couldn’t agree more.

Take time to read the entire op-ed and let’s remain together #BaltimoreStrong.

Baltimore leaders: ‘Proud not only to be in Baltimore, but of Baltimore’

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