NAB 130 Challenge

Spring 2019 As Seen in Our Spring 2019 Issue
NAB 130 Challenge

As part of the yearlong recognition of 130 years of Johns Hopkins Nursing, the Nursing Advisory Board sponsored a student research challenge to fund specific research project work and/or to attend a national or international conference within the nursing profession. Three students were selected to each receive $1,300 (the NAB received 18 submissions):

Omeid Heidar
The proposed research is an explanatory sequential mixed-methods study with the AIDS Linked Intravenous Experience (ALIVE) Cohort, the longest-running cohort study with individuals with substance use disorder in the United States. There are three specific aims of the study and the challenge funds will support Aim 3: Understand the barriers, facilitators, challenges faced, and resources utilized for primary care engagement among ALIVE participants found to be extreme cases of engagement (n=12-24).

Quanlei Li
The study adopts an exploratory sequential mixed methods design and aims to develop an instrument for measuring knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of nurses in hospitals and student nurses in nursing schools towards intimate partner violence (IPV) in China. The tool is named INSNI (Inventory for Nurses and Student Nurses on IPV)1.

Winter Thayer
The Cancer Health Aid to Manage Preferences and Improve Outcomes through Navigation (CHAMPION) is a theory-based, mobile-health decision aid administered by Nurse-Community Patient Navigator teams to advanced prostate cancer dyads. CHAMPION provides patients and their supporters with a cognitive-behavioral skills program and graphical summaries of patient quality of life mapped over time to promote communication and inform shared decision-making.

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