Thank You For Choosing Nursing

Sydnee Logan
By Sydnee Logan  | 
Thank You For Choosing Nursing

“Thank you for choosing nursing,” begins student speaker Adam Morrow.

Today at Accepted Students Day we welcomed students accepted into the next cohort of the MSN (Entry Into Nursing) program, and showed them the best of what the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing has to offer. Students come from diverse backgrounds; some are newly out of undergrad, while others may be moving into a second (or third!) career, like Adam.

We hope you decide to join us. And food for thought, Dean Patricia Davidson shared two reasons why she decided Johns Hopkins was a good fit:

  • Because we’ve got excellence cornered (the schools of medicine, engineering, public health, and nursing are all within walking distance in East Baltimore, creating access to true interprofessional education).
  • Because we embody excellence without elitism—Johns Hopkins is about doing the work.

“Welcome to the #1 school of nursing in the U.S.” says Dean Davidson. “We are incredibly proud of this honor, but it’s not the ranking that defines us, it’s the work. And that’s what sets Johns Hopkins apart.

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