Future RNs, Future Hopkins Nurses

Sydnee Logan
By Sydnee Logan  | 
Future RNs, Future Hopkins Nurses

Never before have nurses been so desperately needed. Never before have nurses’ words garnered such respect.

This is the atmosphere students accepted into the MSN (Entry Into Nursing) Program are entering as they begin their nursing journey. The field is growing rapidly. Demand for RNs is expected to grow 15% and 31% for Nurse Practitioners by 2026, spurred on by an aging population and a shift in health care toward wellness, prevention, and chronic disease management.

And yet, amidst the hustle and bustle of clinical practice, nurses see the patient as a person; students commit to touching lives in unimaginable ways. “Nursing’ is about a person-centered approach. Johns Hopkins is about excellence in science, true interprofessional education, and social justice principles: diversity, equity, and inclusion,” says Dean Patricia Davidson.

Congratulations on getting here.

MSN (Entry Into Nursing)

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