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Sydnee Logan
By Sydnee Logan  | 
Excellence … Everywhere.

High quality online education in nursing is a game-changer.

And the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is leading the way; U.S. News & World Report just named us as the No. 1 online graduate nursing program in the United States.

This is quite an achievement, we’re up from No. 5 in 2018. And although a number doesn’t define us, it does reflect our student excellence and the tireless work of our faculty and staff to enrich our nursing programs with online options and immersive learning experiences. It shows that—in any format—we’ve maintained our commitment to excellence and quality in nursing education.

We’re committed to online nursing education for two big reasons.

First, because the world needs more nurses. The nursing shortage is no secret. In the United States alone, registered nurses have a projected job growth of 15% and nurse practitioners are expected to grow 31% by 2022, compared to an average of 5-9%. To help with the demand, we’ve introduced online modules with high-quality methods and rigorous academic work at every level. We’re promoting access and flexibility for even more students who seek to become nurse leaders.

But beyond that, excellence in online education is the result of our commitment to setting the standard for innovation in nursing. E-learning is the status quo, but nursing technology has already surpassed that, particularly as we incorporate virtual reality and machine learning into education. It has disrupted the simulation world; virtual reality could create an even more immersive experience than mannequins or actors.

The world is changing and nursing education must keep up. Right now we’re introducing students to the technology that they may use in practice, and teaching them to adapt to and implement new tools and procedures as they arise. Even better, we’re empowering future nurses to create what they need that doesn’t yet exist.

But for now, let’s celebrate. What a wonderful affirmation that we’re headed in the right direction.

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Sydnee Logan is the Social Media and Digital Content Coordinator for Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. She shares what’s going on here with the world.

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