Fall 2018 Research Highlights

Fall 2018 As Seen in Our Fall 2018 Issue
Fall 2018 Research Highlights

Recent scholarly publications from faculty and students of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

(*Asterisk denotes lead author)


“Global Service Learning and Health Systems Strengthening: An Integrative Literature Review,”Adam Beaman*, Reiko Asano, David Sibbritt, Patricia Davidson, and colleague—Heliyon

“Unique Experiences of Direct Entry BSN/BS-PhD Nursing Students: A Delphi Study,” Lucine Francis and colleagues—Nurse Education Today

“Using Continuous Vital Sign Monitoring to Detect Early Deterioration in Adult Postoperative Inpatients,” Sue Carol Verrillo*, Maria Cvach, Krysia Hudson, and colleague—Journal of Nursing Care Quality


“Moral Resilience: Transforming Moral Suffering in Health Care,” Edited by Cynda Hylton Rushton—Oxford Medicine


“Experiences of Racism and Preterm Birth: Findings from a Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, 2004 through 2012,” Kelly Bower* and colleagues—Women’s Health Issues

“From Practice to Policy: Making Impactful Change in Childhood Obesity Prevention,” Audra N. Rankin—Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing

“Investigating the Relationships among Neighborhood Factors and Asthma Control in African American Children: A Study Protocol,” Kelli DePriest*, Arlene Butz, and Deborah Gross—Research in Nursing & Health

“Severity of Mental Health Concerns in Pediatric Primary Care and the Role of Child Psychiatry Access Programs,” Kelly Bower and colleagues—General Hospital Psychiatry

“The Relationship Between Neighborhood Safety and Children’s Asthma: An Integrative Review,” Kelli DePriest*, Arlene Butz, and colleague—Journal of Pediatric Health Care


“Unintended Consequences of Quality Improvement Programs on the Prevention of Hospital-Acquired Conditions: Avoiding the Temptation to Bite into Low-Hanging Fruit,” William Padula, Patricia Davidson, and colleagues—Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management

“Which Patients with Heart Failure Should Receive Specialist Palliative Care?” Patricia Davidson and colleagues—European Journal of Heart Failure


“Examining the Obesogenic Attributes of the Family Child Care Home Environment:
A Literature Review,” Lucine Francis, Lara Shodeinde, Jerilyn Allen and colleague—Journal of Obesity


Pandian Wins Research Grant

Vinciya Pandian, PhD, MSN, FAAN, has earned a Sigma/American Nurses Credentialing Center Evidence-Based Practice Implementation Grant for her project “Development, Implementation and Evaluation of an Evidence-Based Nurse-Led Rapid Response Program in a Low-Resource Setting.”

Pandian explains: “The findings of this critical ethnographic research will facilitate humanitarian agencies to recognize gaps in the offered services to the internally displaced mothers of young children and strive for protecting the breastfeeding practices of internally displaced mothers who wish to sustain their breastfeeding practices in the setting of disaster relief camps.”


“Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Prevention in Those with Substance Use Disorders,” Nancy Goldstein*, Jared Carter-Davis, and Ellen C. Seymour—i-manager’s Journal on Nursing


“Gender-based Violence and Trauma in Marginalized Populations of Women: Role of Biological Embedding and Toxic Stress,” Bushra Sabri* and Douglas Granger—Health Care for Women International

“Intimate Partner Homicides in the United States, 2003-2013: A Comparison of Immigrants and Nonimmigrant Victims,” Bushra Sabri*, Jacquelyn Campbell, and colleague—Journal of Interpersonal Violence

“Lifetime Prevalence, Correlates and Health Consequences of Gender-Based Violence Victimisation and Perpetration among Men and Women in Somalia,” Nancy A Perrin, Nancy Glass, and colleagues—BMJ Global Health

“Living in Fear and Prioritizing Safety: Exploring Women’s Lives After Traumatic Brain Injury from Intimate Partner Violence,” Phyllis Sharps and colleagues—Qualitative Health Research

“Pro- and Anti-Inflammatory Biomarkers and Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes:
A Review,” Tamar Rodney* and colleagues—Cytokine

“Understanding How Solidarity Groups—A Community-based Economic and Psychosocial Support Intervention—Can Affect Mental Health for Survivors of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in Democratic Republic of the Congo,” Nancy Glass and colleagues—Violence Against Women

“Unwanted Sexual Experiences in University Settings: Survivors’ Perspectives on Effective Prevention and Intervention Strategies,” Bushra Sabri*, Nicole Warren, Jacquelyn Campbell, and colleagues—Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma

“Multilevel Risk and Protective Factors for Intimate Partner Violence among African, Asian, and Latina Immigrant and Refugee Women: Perceptions of Effective Safety Planning Interventions,” Bushra Sabri*, Carmen Alvarez, Jacquelyn Campbell, and colleagues


“Radiation Therapy in Prostate Cancer Patients,” Nada Lukkahatai and colleagues—Neuropsychiatry

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