Coming Down the Tracks

Coming Down the Tracks

It’s exceptionally rare that you get a chance to pull the train completely off the tracks and examine every bolt, belt, and buckle to see what’s working fine and what needs fine-tuning. You need to keep it running on time, after all. Well, we like to think of Johns Hopkins Nursing as a locomotive among magazines, one that’s (usually) on time and worth catching. But we want it to be even better. So, off of the tracks it comes.

This online Summer 2018 magazine is Step 1 in the plan. While you are reading this streamlined look at our annual research highlights, we’re putting together a design that will be brighter, a bit less regimented, just as informative, and where appropriate, a whole lot of fun. We’d like to promise that it will be perfect. We won’t. Know instead that we’ll do our best.

There are risks in any makeover, especially one of a product that’s working. As an old newspaper guy who’s been through many such adventures in redesign, I take no joy in messing with a loyal readership. Believe me. (For 13 years, the Baltimore Sun’s primary phone extension was 6000; mine was 6001. I became a second “operator.” And yes, people used the phone in those days. A lot. “Emojis” were spoken, often at great volume.)

When the new-look magazine hits your mail slot sometime in October, I hope and expect the phone to ring like it rarely does anymore. Some of you might not love it at first and will say so. We want you to care, and we will listen. Part of this redesign is based on constructive criticisms we heard the last time we updated the magazine’s look. Give me a call if you like. I’m in the book, as they used to say.

But not right now. Please finish enjoying the Summer 2018 online issue. We’ll talk in the fall.

Steve St. Angelo

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