MSN (Entry Into Nursing) Heads to the UAE

Sydnee Logan
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MSN (Entry Into Nursing) Heads to the UAE

RaeGina Covington, Ally Seal, and Hasmin Sherwin are exploring global health by completing their (MSN) Entry into Nursing practicum in the United Arab Emirates this summer, beginning their practice during Ramadan (May 27 to June 24).

The fun thing about MSN (Entry into Nursing) is that it’s for students who did not previously study nursing. As a result, students come from all walks of life, all over the nation—and end up all over the world. Here’s a look at who RaeGina, Ally, and Hasmin are, who they were, and what they expect.

RaeGina Covington

RaeGina’s from Cincinnati, but calls Chicago home. Before Hopkins she was a journalist, educator, and filmmaker. She is completing her practicum at Corniche Maternity Hospital on the Labor & Delivery and Gynecology floors.


“Personally, I don’t know what to expect. Although I’ve traveled to nearly 30 countries, each new journey holds unique challenges and rewards. I look forward to discovering a new culture and making new connections in the UAE.

Professionally, I want to strengthen my clinical skills in Labor & Delivery as well as Gynecology because I am considering a future in OB and Women’s Health.

Given my interest in working with underserved populations and in global nursing, working in an maternity hospital in which patients are likely to have similar chronic conditions found among birthing parents of color in the US, I wanted to pursue this unique opportunity where my skills learned abroad would transfer to populations I’ll serve in the States.”


Ally Seal

Ally’s from North Carolina and graduated from North Carolina State University with her BS in Biological Sciences and a double minor in genetics and microbiology.


“You can never truly know something unless you experience it yourself. What I expect is the unknown, with regards to its uniqueness in comparison to other places I have traveled. Simply because I am open to the idea of the unknown, I am beyond excited to see what Abu Dhabi and the Corniche Maternity Hospital has to offer me.”


Hasmin Sherwin

Hasmin grew up in San Diego. Before Hopkins, he earned his degree in Math and Economics then worked for the International Rescue Committee (a refugee resettlement agency) for two years. Next he spent four years volunteering, farming and working internationally before returning to the States to pursue his MSN. He intends to get one or two years of emergency department experience and then work for Doctors without Borders.


“I do not have well-formed expectations for my clinical experience in the UAE. I am a flexible individual and will seek out as many learning experiences as I can. On a personal level, I am excited to reconnect with an old friend, explore some of the neighboring countries and continue to develop my Arabic language skills. I also love food and hope to experience some new flavors.

I chose Hopkins because of its link to international experiences so this was important to me from the beginning. I am excited to learn about some of the differences in another healthcare system. Since I intend to work in the Middle East, I am very grateful for the opportunity to have my final practicum at a hospital in the region.”


RaeGina, Ally, and Hasmin’s adviser, Dr. Vinciya Pandian plans to visit them in the UAE in the second week of June. Here at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing we value international practice. We live in an increasingly interdependent global society with shifting health concerns. Students learn leadership and global impact—among other things—which all nurses need to address complex global health challenges.

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