Class News Spring 2018

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Class News Spring 2018

Rescue and Jessica tells the story of a young girl and her support dog.Wrapped by Meg, founded by Meghan Schultz, ’14, was featured in the November 2017 issue of Baltimore magazine. Meghan is a senior research nurse at Johns Hopkins University. She spends her spare time gift wrapping and creating custom sugar cookies.A Girl, Her Dog, and a Tale of Healing

For kids—from alum’s own life—comes “a story about hope”

Jessica Kensky, ’09, has written a book for children based on her experiences as a survivor of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing and her special relationship with a service dog named Rescue. She wrote the book with husband Patrick Downes, also a survivor. Kensky, who lost both legs, and Downes, who lost one, tell the Washington Post that writing Rescue & Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship has helped them heal and that the idea for it came after kids regularly approached to pet Rescue and ask about their prosthetics. Says Kensky: “Kids have genuine curiosity, they are trying to make sense of their world. They genuinely want to know if we hurt.”

From the Post: “[The book] is a window into Kensky’s challenges and ongoing recovery, written in terms kids can understand and not be afraid of. It’s a meditation on kindness, acceptance and loyalty. And in the end it’s a story about hope. The book, aimed at kids ages 5 to 9, shows the relationship between a fictional tween girl named Jessica, who lost her legs, and her service dog Rescue.”

Kensky has returned to work part-time as a nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital. And there is a tour planned for spring when Penguin Random House releases the book. Meanwhile, Kensky and Downes have already begun speaking about it with groups of kids. “It’s cool to see where little minds are going,” Kensky tells the Post. “Leaving those talks, we always feel so good.”

One More Hill to Climb

From Obama administration to, perhaps, a seat in Congress

Lauren Underwood, RN, ’09, is running for Congress from the 14th District of Illinois. A Democrat, she was recently profiled by Refinery29, a digital media, fashion, and entertainment website aimed at women. Underwood, a former senior health adviser for the Obama administration, knows she has her work cut out to replace an incumbent Republican in the district.

“I’m running against six middle-aged white men in a district that has never elected a woman, ever in history,” she tells Refinery29. “I’m the youngest person in my field running; I’m the only person of color.” (This was before Underwood won the Democratic Primary in March.)

As Refinery29 explains: “The community, which is about 85% white, has swung Republican pretty consistently, except for a brief Democratic stint between 2008 and 2010. According to the Cook Political Report, which rates congressional races, it’s likely to remain red in 2018. But none of those factors have stopped Underwood, who wants to serve the community.”

70th Reunion of ’47 Class
By Elsie Jarvis

Standing Tall
For All of You
“The Class of 1947”
It Was an Honor
Never Imagined
I Gave It My Best
The Friendships
Study, Working
On Wards, Socializing
In Various Ways;
Drama, Bridge, Tennis
Movies in Town
Adventures to the Beach
Sunbathing on Top of Hampton House
Shopping at the Gate House Shop
Singing Carols Under the Dome
In Front of the Statue of Jesus
“Come Unto Me All You Heavy Laden
I Will Give You Rest”
Our Foundation Was Cemented
For Life by Our Nursing
School Experience
It Has Served Us Well
Our Appreciation and Gratitude
To All Our Teachers and Friends (Patients Too)
At Our Alma Mater
Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

M. Louise Fitzpatrick ’63
Erika Glazer ’67
Ann D. Henry ’54
Betty D. Hixson ’52
Lorraine Harris Humer ’45
Phyllis Collins Janes ’47
Bertha Bloomer Johnson ’44

Jean Celina Phaire ’99
Jeanne M. Poage ’52
Ramona R. Riley ’46
Ruth G. Schulz ’47
Helen Erickson Tweedy ’45
S. Janet Vance-Howard ’64
Linda D. Versic ’65

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