Church Notes Spring 2018

Spring 2018 As Seen in Our Spring 2018 Issue
Church Notes Spring 2018

By Deb Corteggiano Kennedy, ’732018 Reunion Weekend

The 2018 Reunion Weekend will take place the weekend of October 4-6. The venue for this year’s events is the beautiful Waterfront Marriott Hotel in Baltimore. I hope you have received your “Save the Date” card by now and are planning to celebrate. Many exciting activities are being planned, with must-do traditions and some new activities for alumni to enjoy this very special time.

Class of ’68 Honorees

The Class of 1968 is a party group, having shared excellent reunion celebrations for its 40th and 45th anniversaries. Cathy Ruth O’Neill has reported that her classmates are looking forward to marking this milestone of their 50th with lots of enthusiasm. Contact Cathy at [email protected] for details.

Class of ’73 plans 45th

The Class of ’73 has faithfully held a reunion every five years. Once again, Susan Riddleberger is planning to open her home to host the 45th Reunion in May. Classmates should look for more information and a date in early spring. Sue “Riddles” and I just enjoyed a two-week vacation in Curacao. We are marking a 50-year friendship this year! Riding home on the bus in 1968 after a shift as a “Pinkie,” Sue and I realized we had the same birthday, are both the middle child, and that our parents had same names, etc.

Creutzburg Scholar Featured in the Maryland Nurse

I hope everyone felt the pride in seeing the latest scholarship recipient, Elizabeth Kelman, standing next to Miss Creutzburg’s portrait in the January 2018 issue of the Maryland Nurse News and Journal. This was also posted on the CHH Facebook page. Let the whole world see what a difference a little Diploma Nursing School has made in supporting nursing education.

At Top: Deb Corteggiano Kennedy, ’73 (right) and classmate Susan “Riddles” Riddleberger soak up the sun on the island of Curacao as they celebrate 50 years of friendship. The buddies are looking forward to their 45th class reunion in May.CHURCH HOME

Pauline Fritzges Morris ’59
Marjorie Reynolds Carrington ’53

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