A Busy Intersection

Spring 2018 As Seen in Our Spring 2018 Issue
A Busy Intersection

“It’s a thrill to be No. 1 once again, and always gratifying to see our hard work recognized.”

Baltimore is such a wonderful and interesting place to do health care. Here, there are problems you could find most anywhere across the globe. And we’ve got the greatest minds in nursing, public health, and medicine working interprofessionally to address them.

This issue shares with you a few examples of what we are doing at this intersection of local and global nursing. And it introduces many of you to researchers like postdoctoral fellow Derek Dangerfield, who studies behaviors that put men at risk for HIV (“Comeback Kids”); and Assistant Professor Bryan Hansen, who seeks ways to prevent patient delirium while easing the strain on families, caregivers, and health care providers in the field of dementia (“Baltimore Connection”).

Others are seeing the fruits of their research that have absolutely changed health care delivery. Here, we are talking about Professors Cheryl Dennison Himmelfarb (“What Nurses Need to Know: New Thinking on Hypertension”), who was instrumental in establishing a new way of standardizing care and saving lives; and Cynda Rushton (“Hearts & Minds”), whose breakthroughs on addressing moral distress among health care workers are saving careers and improving patient care.

There are so many researchers who fit here that singling out just a few is always an imperfect assignment. And so look for more as we start to really build out the research area of the magazine’s website.

In the meantime, read on for an update on our building plan (“Building to Change the World”), which offers great excitement and possibilities along with challenges both usual and unexpected that we will embrace as a community—and laugh about later—while we move nursing education into the future.

The U.S. News & World Report rankings just arrived. It’s a thrill to be No. 1 once again, and always gratifying to see our hard work recognized. It was a team effort. Congratulations to all of the top schools.

Look also for images from another splendid Evening With the Stars (that included a special guest, former Senator Barbara Mikulski) as well as faculty and students in the news (“On the Pulse”); articles featuring nurses from Johns Hopkins Hospital and its affiliates (“Hopkins Nurse”); a roundup of scholarly publications (“Cells to Society”) and a Vigilando section that we hope will inspire you to contribute your own memories and updates in future issues of Johns Hopkins Nursing.

Please enjoy this one.

Patricia M. Davidson
Dean, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

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