Charm in Quirky: You Are Here

Charm in Quirky: You Are Here

By Steve St. Angelo

We’ve been writing in this space for a little while now about parts of Baltimore that might surprise or delight a newcomer, or even a long-timer. We like to offer students (whether local or from far-flung places) a primer on the best stuff the city has to offer. So we’ve been making notes to ourselves about where to take readers next.

Well, that scribbling has led somewhere very cool: an interactive Baltimore map that offers a little inside info on neighborhoods and attractions all across the city. From Johns Hopkins-affiliated gems like the Peabody Institute in Mount Vernon and the Parkway Theater near Penn Station to very quirky Pigtown (in West Baltimore) and eclectic Canton neighborhoods, we’ve assembled a transporter beam of sorts to take you there and back so you can get a taste of your new town.

Check it out.

And then check back here regularly for a little more in-depth info on the places that some in Baltimore might rather keep to themselves. The Peabody Library (pictured) really is that gorgeous in person, by the way.

Recent neighborhood visits:

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